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Monday 18th May


To start the lesson, I have saved some missing symbol  number puzzles below.


This week we are going to be using the National Oak academy lessons. Each lesson has an introductory quiz and a teaching video with activities to do during the presentation. These are saved on slides accompanying each lesson. 

Follow the link each day to access the lesson. 

I will add some extra questions each day for you to do if you can.


Year 3

Can I identify angles as a property of a 2-D shape?




Can I make notes from a non-fiction text?

Watch the video clips and read the information about Egyptian gods at the bbc bitesize website. There is a song to sing and an activity to try as well.


Read the information about the Ancient Egyptian gods in the documents below.

Make notes about your favourite 4-6 gods. You will need these notes for your topic task this afternoon.

Spelling task

Can I spell words with the suffix -cian?

Work through the Powerpoint saved below to practise spelling words ending in cian.


Open the Powerpoint presentation which shows pictures of the Egyptian gods. Please ask someone at home to read the clues about some of the gods which are saved on the document Gods description below. Try to work out which god is which. 



Make a set of fact cards featuring some of the Ancient Egyptian gods. The descriptions are on the information sheet you read in English this morning so you can look at the notes you made.

Include a picture and their special talents on the cards.