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Saturday 18th April

Happy Saturday Class Four!

I think the weather is meant to be drying up a bit today and then nice again for the rest of the week - yesterday was a bit of a washout, wasn't it?!

I went for a damp dog walk and damp run in the morning, did PE with Joe and then spent most of the day doing some work for school ready for your home learning next week. It felt good to be planning a new topic. I hope you will enjoy the lessons and continue to make good progress with your learning. I am excited to see your work when you email next Friday.

In the afternoon, I decided it was time to try doing some baking. As you know, I've never baked much before, but the kitchen is almost finished and I can find my equipment now so there are no excuses! I spent a while looking through some different recipes as I wasn't sure what I wanted to make, but decided on some banana cupcakes, they looked quite easy and fairly healthy. They were a success so I've included some photos and the recipe.

I decided it might be good to have a recipe section on the website where all the recipes Mrs Soley and I have shared are all together in case you ever fancy a bit of cooking and want some options to choose from, so have a look at this new addition.

Today I'm off on a walk to take some of my cupcakes and leave on the doorsteps of my friends smiley hopefully they will like them.

Have a lovely Saturday, Love Miss Olver x

Here is the recipe in case you want to give it a go:

Here is a message from Mrs Soley:

Happy weekend class 4.  Hope you are all well and looking forward to your weekend as well as the week ahead packed with more learning and fun activities.  Don’t forget, we start learning about the Greeks this term.  I haven’t done that for about 12 years so I’m hoping to learn something too.  I’m busy planning some nice art activities for you and hopefully some cooking to link to the Greeks as well.  Keep checking the website. 

As you are probably aware, we have been told we have lockdown for another 3 weeks.  So I guess that means more baking and cooking.  It’s probably a good thing I spent some time yesterday cleaning my oven then.  Oh how exciting I hear you cry, well it has to be done.  I’m obviously on a roll because on Thursday I cleaned the fridge out and that definitely needed doing!

Weather permitting, I think we’re doing a bit more decorating this weekend with hopefully a bike ride on Sunday when I think the sun is due to come back out.  As well as that, I am planning to make the Nutella brownies – how weird that my daughter has just messaged me to say that she has made some Nutella blondies, great minds think alike.  Photos will follow if I can stop Mr Soley eating them all. 

As it can be difficult to fill the time, I have recently volunteered with Eastleigh Borough Council to phone people who are isolated at the moment to have a chat and hopefully a laugh.  I am waiting to hear back from them soon so that I can start.  Also I saw a post on Facebook where a local lady was offering to make wash bags for the NHS staff.  These are bags that they put their uniform into when they are getting changed to go back home.  These bags can then be put straight into the washing machine without them having to touch their uniform again.  What a brilliant idea!  I have  contacted the lady about this and she is delivering some material to me so that I can make some of these bags. I only had a small amount of material to make 2 bags but hopefully I can make lots more.  It’s good to feel useful and it will certainly give me a purpose to get up and get on in the mornings. 

I’ll catch up with you all on Monday.  Have a good weekend and stay safe and well.

Lots of love.

Mrs Soley x