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Can I answer questions about characters in a text?

Listen to me reading Chapter 6 which is about the first two lucky ticket winners.


Choose either Augustus Gloop or Veruca Salt. Use details from the text to draw a picture of this child.

Label some of your pictures with more information about this character, using powerful adjectives and descriptive phrases from the text. Think carefully about their appearance and personality. 

What vocabulary does Roald Dahl use to describe this character? 


Lots of the words in the text are in italics. Italics are often used to emphasize words. Try to find some examples in the text and think about why they are in italics. 


Next read Chapter 7 yourself to find out what happens on Charlie's birthday. I have copied the text if you don't have your own book.

Think about these questions:


Why does Charlie only get one present for his birthday?

Why does he open his present very slowly?

How di the family feel when Charlie opens the wrapper? When you read this part of the chapter, how do you feel?

Chapter 6

Can I use fronted adverbials?


We have already done some work on adverbials. 

Remember, an adverbial is a word or phrase or clause that gives more detail about the verb in a sentence. They tell us where, when or how an action is performed. 

The adverbials in the sentences below are in green font.


Suddenly, the little boy jumped over the brick wall.

Early one morning, the squirrel bounded across the branches.


In the task below, you need to underline the adverbial then rewrite the sentence with the adverbial at the start of the sentence (this is now called a fronted adverbial.) You need to remember to put a comma after the fronted adverbial.


Here is an example:


She opened the old castle door with trembling hands.

With trembling hands, she opened the castle door.



What are fronted adverbials? | Oxford Owl

Learn how and when to use adverbials for time, place, manner or number. Perfect to help with grammar homework and to prepare for the Key Stage 2 SATs test.Fi...