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Tuesday 28th April 2020

Morning every one,

Hope you're ready for a bit of a rainy day today, if the weather forecast is correct.  

I had another nice day in school yesterday with the few children whose parents are key workers and also cleaned more of our toys in the dishwasher.  I also took down the pictures off the wall from our owl display and our New Zealand display and will stick your pictures into your books at school for you to keep.  I did go on my bike and I did stick to the main roads and didn't have to get off my bike and push it up a hill either there or back - I am feeling very proud of myself as I always push it up the last hill near my home!  Have a look in the gallery to see one of our class members who has learnt to ride his bike over the last couple of days and just wants to ride and ride.  Also I forgot to mention yesterday that there is another story by Nicole in our story gallery about BobBob the cat - check it out.  There is also a very nice picture drawn by Paige for me which I've put in for everyone to have a look at.  I'm quite glad we've got a bit of rain coming as it will help all the plants to grow.  We are starting to move some from their pots into the vegetable plot now so the rain will really help them to put down some strong roots.  I'm pleased to see that so many of you have had a go at planting some seeds and are now seeing them starting to grow.  If you haven't planted any, there is still plenty of time so why not try planting a sunflower or a runner bean - they often grow without too much trouble.  If you didn't have a chance to make up a helicopter story yesterday about your super veggie, today could be a good day to do that due to the rain.  Enjoy your day.


Read some of your tricky words to your adult and then watch the alphablocks sing the alphabet song and watch the alphablocks episode straight after about the fun fair.  That should take you to the 4 minute mark.

I thought it would be really nice to share our superhero stories with each other.  So that everyone can see what your super veggie looks like too, could you draw a picture of your veggie or take a photo of it and write his/her name above.  Then  draw a speech bubble of your own (parents could you draw lines with a ruler in the bubble for your child to write on as this helps to stop the letters getting too big and sloping up or down).   In the speech bubble, I want you to pretend that you are the super veggie and write a sentence in the speech bubble saying what your super powers are or what you can do with your super powers.  You can start your sentence with the words "I can......". So for example, you might write "I can fly very fast and climb walls" or "I can catch baddies".  It's up to you how long or short your sentence is. Sound out each of your words one at a time writing down each sound as you say it and leave spaces between your words.  Use your sound mat and word mat to help you.  When it's done, email it over to me with your helicopter story and we'll put them in our story gallery for everybody to enjoy.  It would be great if they could reach me by the weekend.

Number Time

Watch the video for Week 2 Lesson 2 of the Oak Acadamy maths lesson - sharing objects into equal groups.

Then try the day 2 activity for the Night Pirates - it's all about making things walk the plank and grouping them as floating and sinking.

Farm Learning

Watch the Down on the Farm video below.  It will show you how farmers plant and harvest cauliflowers and how cows are looked after.  There is also a lot of information about Spring - see what you know already and see what new things you find out.

Then click on the link below to play "A year on Your Farm".  Here you choose a farm and help undertake activities to ensure crops grow and animals are looked after.