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Thursday 26th March 2020

Morning, morning, morning.  I hope you're all enjoying this marvellous sunshine we're having and getting out in the garden.  It was lovely to hear from a couple of the class today and to see photos of what they have been getting up to. Theo has made some lovely spring chicks called Wonky and Ponky (great rhyming Theo!) and Ethan has been busy helping his mum to make pencils decorated with feathers on the end to write with.   


I actually did the whole of the Joe Wicks workout today and was a little hot by the end of it!  I quite enjoyed the spiderman moves and the bunny bounces!!!  However, my stomach is now quite achy as it had also been practising Sport Dave's sit-ups too and it isn't happy about it.  


Today's Work

Letters and Sounds

Practise your letter sound cards.

Can you write the words I, the, like, no, go, so.   

Practise writing the word play.  All the sounds are there.  Make sure you don't miss out the sneaky second sound l after the p and we use the "ay" digraph for the ay sound, like we've looked at many times in Hugo's surname Gay  

Watch the Alpha Blocks programme about ee and then have a go at completing the ee reading sheet below.



ee real or nonsense words

Make up a sentence (or two) about a bee and a sheep and write it in your yellow book.  If you are really up for a challenge, can you also include the words tree and see too?  

Number Time

Have a look at lesson 4 of the Egg Hunt lessons.  Today you are going on another hunt around the house or garden, but this time for shapes or numbers.  Do you remember that last week we were looking at the 3d shapes cubes, cylinders and spheres.  See how may of these 3D shapes you can find and see if you can tell your family about the number and shape of the faces they have and whether they are flat faces or curved faces.  I have put a very short clip below to help you remember what the different parts of the 3D shapes are called.  


3d shapes and their faces

Creative Time

Can you make up your own version of the story "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" but instead of it being about a bear, can you change it to a different animal or creature?  You might want to choose a different wild animal, or maybe an underwater animal, an insect, reptile or a bird or perhaps a dinosaur or a monster - it's up to you.  There's no need to write anything today, just decide what it is you are going to hunt and what parts of it you will see when you find it.  When the bear is found in the story it has a wet shiny nose, 2 furry ears and 2 goggly eyes.  What will you see of your animal that identifies it?  Perhaps it will be long furry years, or a pink twitchy nose, or a spiky tail or long sharp talons - it's your story, you decide.  When you've made up your mind, open up the link below to see a powerpoint of the story "We're Going on a Bear Hunt".  If you run the slide show, you can click your way through the story at your own pace and retell your story to your adult, or even your whole family,  but changing what sort of hunt you are going on all the way through and what your find at the end.  You can still go through the swishy grass and the deep mud.  Happy story telling!

We're Going on a Bear Hunt story