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Wednesday 8th July 2020

Letters and Sounds

Practise your letter sounds using flash card speed trials on PhonicsPlay.

Read all your tricky words on your flash cards and then let's concentrate on writing the word "was".  Write it in 5 different colours - remember the tricky a in the middle.  Now can you put it in a sentence?  Try writing "That was a big spot of rain".
We are going to practise our blending at beginning of words again today.  First have a little game of Dragon's Den on PhonicsPlay.  Choose Phase 4 and then click on ccv or ccvc words and decide whether you want easier words which are set 1-7 or if you are getting more confident, you might want the challenge of digraphs too.
Now, download the I spy sheet below and see if you can read all of the words and join them to their picture.
It's time to make the first page of our book.  We need a little sentence to say that Spot's mum Sally is looking for Spot.  So you might start your book by saying something like "Sally was looking for Spot".  Have your sound sound mat and tricky word mat out with you.  Sound out each word at a time and write down the sounds as you say them.  Keep re-reading what you have written.  You then need a question which asks where he is.  So where are you going to look for Spot first and what are you going to find there?  For example, you might look under the table and find a spider, so you would need to draw a picture of a spider and then on a smaller piece of paper that you are going to make into a flap to cover over the spider, you would need to draw a table. You also need Sally in the picture looking for him - make sure she is yellow with brown spots. Then you would need the question "He is under the table?".  In the real Spot book, the animal under the flap always says something in a speech bubble.  You decide what you want your animal to say - it might just be "no", or you might think of something funny for it to say, like "boo" - you decide.  Have fun.
Number Time
Watch the Oak Academy Wednesday maths lesson.  Today it is about addition and subtraction within 20.

Seasons Activities

Watch the Oak Academy video on Wednesday which reminds you of how trees look different in different seasons and then shows you how to make a tree collage to represent each of the seasons.  You might want to think of our apple tree outside our classroom.  In Autumn when you first started school, it had lots of apples growing on it and we made some apple cakes.  Then the leaves began to turn brown and to fall from it too.  In winter, all the leaves had fallen off and were all over the ground outside and the tree was bare -  we made bird feeders from pine cones to hang on the bare branches to feed the birds in winter time.  Do you remember that just at the start of lockdown, we looked for signs of Spring around the school and then you did a spring hunt at home?  At that time, our tree at school got lots of pink blossom on it and started to grow bright green leaves again.  Now that it is Summer, it is covered in leaves and there are lots of very small apples starting to grow on it.  Have a good time creating.