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Friday 10th July 2020

Good morning everybody.

It's Friday!  And the sun is forecast to return imminently - hooray.  I hope you enjoyed watching the videos yesterday from your new teachers and you are feeling excited about moving into Class 2.  At school, the children really did rise to the challenge set and we had some great pictures and writing from the class.  I hope you enjoyed telling your new teachers all about yourselves. 


Charlie was very excited today about the centipede he found at home.  Unfortunately it was dead when he found it, but he has enjoyed bringing it into class in a small pot and  looking at it close up and all the class has had  a good look individually too.  He specifically asked me if I would like to put it on our daily message so that the children at home could see it too.  So here it is below.  Nicole also managed to catch a very small moth today which she put in a viewing pot and we all looked at, and then it was released back into the outside.  Also, some of the class noticed lots and lots of flying things on the roof of the covered area outside our classroom and we all stood looking up at it for a little while.  If you have found any minibeasts that you would like to share with the class, email pictures over to me and I will post them here and show the children in school too.

I hope you all have a happy weekend.  

Letters and Sounds

Recap your letter sounds using Flash Card Time Trials on Phonics Bloom (phase 3).

Read the high frequency words on the powerpoint below.
Watch the Alphablocks form some words with blends.  
Watch the vowel song to remind you of what the vowels are.
Click on the link below and read and write words on Mrs Pryce's powerpoint beginning with blends.  Start at the word "pot" on slide 18.

Now it's time to write another page for your Where's Spot? book.  So where is Sally going to look next and what will she find hiding?  Make a flap, draw a picture of something where an animal can hide and then drawn the hidden animal on the page below.  Don't forget your question  "Is he in the/behind the/under the... etc" and don't forget the speech bubble coming from the hidden animal.  Use your sound mat to help you form letters and look up digraphs and trigraphs.


Number Time

Watch the Oak Academy Friday maths video.  Today it recaps how you measure weight, length and capacity.


Take a look at Sport Dave's PE lesson for this week on the Sport and Keeping Active Home Learning page.  


If you are a whizz with lego, then the lego challenge could be for you this week - make a powered vehicle.


Have a lovely weekend everyone.