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Monday 22nd February 2021

Mrs Mason's morning message 22.02.21

For the art activity this week, you will need a can of shaving foam and some different coloured food colouring!

Letters and Sounds

First of all practise your sounds by playing Flash Cards (Time Trial) on Phonics Bloom.  Select Phase 3 and select in green sets 6, 7 and 8 and see how you get on with them in 1 minute.  If that tricked you out a lot, try those 3 sets again for another 1 minute and see if you do better.  If you did super dooper with those, try sets 8, 9, 10 and see how you get on with those.

So lets have a go at writing the correct digraph.  Look at the digraph ch, say the sound, and then copy it out.  Tell your adult one or two words that start with that sound.  Then do the same for sh and th.  Now youR adult is going to show you some pictures and you have to write down whether they start with ch, sh or th.  How many can you get right without any help?  How many can you get right with a little help?  How many can you get right with a lot of help?  Please let me know. If you want to challenge yourself further, you could have a go at writing the whole word using your sound sheet to help you. 
Watch the Tricky word song and write the tricky words along with it if you can.
Now watch the video below which focuses on reading the tricky words he, me, we, she, he.  You can pause the video while you read each sentence.  Good luck.
Now see if you can write the caption for the picture.  Click on the link to caption creator below and choose Phase 2, set 8 (a kid in a cap).  Activate the video and watch the picture form and then read the sentence a word at a time.  Then  press the reset curly arrow at top right of writing screen so that the words disappear and either, write the caption a grapheme at a time with the computer, including leaving spaces, or have a go at writing it yourself and then check it at the end by reactivating the sentence one grapheme and space at a time.  Give each letter and space you got right a little tick and see how many ticks you got.  There is a possible total of 14 - good luck.

10.00 Mr Wooley's Collective Worship


This Week's Exercise Challenge - record chart

Today's Get Active exercise


Let's practise writing the letter t today.  Remember to start at the top and go down the tower and across the tower.  Keep the t nice and straight as you go down but don't forget to curl your letter t at the bottom, we don't want your t to look like a cross.  Try writing 2 lines and see if you can fill in some of the gaps with your own t's.  You need to print off page 59.

Number Time

Let's start off by listening to the story "How Do Dinosaurs Count to 10?"

Join in!

Days of the Week - holding days

To day we are practising recognising and counting the amounts of 9 and 10.  We are on Week 1, Session 1 of Building 9 and 10.

11.30 - Class 1 Google Classroom Meet

The Three Little Pigs

Most of us will have heard the story of the Three Little Pigs and it is a great story for joining in with.  I have created a resources section via twinkl where you can access some of the resources we are going to use this week - this is free for you to use.  In google, type (or click on the link below) and that will take you to a child's login page.  If you enter the code FY0721, (the third digit is a zero),  it will take you to a page where you can easily access 3 versions of the story - an e-book version, a more basic powerpoint version and an audio version.  Click on either the ebook or powerpoint version of the story and share it with your child.  

Now see if you can make your own story map of the Three Little Pigs by cutting and sticking the pictures in the right places on the story map from the twinkl resources. Then see if you can use your story map to re-tell the story.


Please spend a few minutes reading on Bug Club.

Google "bug club", then click on ActiveLearn login, then complete as below:


User name: initial and surname eg, jmason (no space)

Password: class2     

School code: h9m6

Story time with Mrs Miller

One Year with Kipper story

Baking with Miss Newton


Dear Class 2,


This week will be our last fairy tale themed baking session. I thought it would be a great idea to make the Queen of Hearts Jam Tarts. 


You will need:

250g Plain Flour

125g Butter or Dairy Free spread

1 egg or30ml veg oil

100g Jam or Fruit curd of your choice


You will also need a cupcake tin for this activity. If you would find it easier you could buy some shortcrust pastry ready made from the shop. We will do this on Friday.


Love From 


Miss Newton 

My new apron from Mrs Miller for my birthday, see if you can spot it on Friday.