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Friday 5th June

Morning job

Try some more art ideas - draw some faces on these cats. You can use pen or pencil, make them sad, happy, cross or whatever you like!


Spellings for Friday 12th June 


Preparing for Mighty Writing on Monday



Handwriting Yr 1

Handwriting Yr 2

 One of the artists we will be studying is Laurence Lowry - better known as LS Lowry. 


Look at the painting, the title is The Fight, why do you think it is call that? What is happening in the painting? 


Use the planning sheet and the useful words sheet to help you decide what you would like to write. You are going to pretend to be someone or something in the painting and you are going to write about what you saw. Remember, you can also use the writing aids which Miss Newton put on the website before half term. 

The Fight , by LS Lowry


It's Friday maths! Today you have a choice of activities. Year 1s and Year 2s each have a different Friday Challenge.  There is also a maths activity mat for you to have a go at. You can choose one of these activities or have a go at both!


Year 1:

Click on the link below and it will take you to the White Rose Maths year 1 page. Scroll down and select Summer Term Week 3 (w/c 4th May). Scroll down to the Friday Challenge video.

Year 2:

Below is the link to the maths activity mat. There are 3 different mats for you to choose from: the first is the easiest, the second is harder and the third is challenging. There are answer sheets for each mat as well.
Click on the document below to see your challenges. The most suitable for Year 2 are Challenges 1 and 2. Challenge 3 is tricky but you could challenge yourself to have a go if you like! The rest of the challenges are for older children. 

Science - for adults to know about 

Each week will be an experiment, which will need a variety of materials. 


For next Wednesday's lesson you will need : several fabrics ranging from not stretchy at all, to very stretchy. I am using 5 or 6 pieces, but as long as you have the range of stretch, it really doesn't matter how many pieces you have. They ideally need to be cut to the same size. Please be aware that the experiment involves pulling the fabric really hard - ie out of shape! 


You will also need a ruler or tape measure and  a collection of  small objects of the same size, eg coins, Lego or even gravel!  


Have a super weekend.