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Thursday 21st May 2020

Good morning everyone.

I hope you have all been making the most of this glorious weather and at least managed to make it into the garden.  We made the most of it at school and had some nice long spells outside.  We made sure the strawberries growing in the trough on the field had a good watering, there are lots of green strawberries growing there now and the school groundsmen turned up yesterday so I asked them to cut down all the stinging nettles in the mud kitchen and den building area so that that can be used safely.     Our classroom is still in the process of having a deep clean and only has tables and empty draw units in it - it looks totally different and a lot bigger, but also a little bit sad!  I managed to cycle to and from school without any problems yesterday which was good, but when I got home, Mr Mason told me that all the eggs that the bantams had been sitting on had gone!  Not one was left and no sign of them anywhere.  We really don't know what has happened to them but it seems that some other animal has come in and taken them.  We can only think that maybe a rat, squirrel or crow got in - such a shame as we were really looking forward to them hatching.  Never mind. On a different note, check out the gallery and see who has had a visit from the tooth fairy recently.  I wonder if anyone else is in the middle of experiencing their first "wobbler" - very exciting.  Also there are some very silly sentences to read too and another VE Day tea party photo.   Enjoy your learning today but also have lots of fun in the sun too.  

Letters and Sounds

Choose some songs from Jolly Phonics to practise some digraphs.

Now print off the tricky words below if you need to.  Quickly practise reading them once through (adult - we haven't looked at when, what or out yet so it's up to you if you include them).  Then ask your adult to hide them around the room and they have to give you hot and cold clues as you try and find them.  If you get close to a hidden word, they can tell you that you are getting hotter and if you move away from a hidden word, they can tell you that you are getting colder.  When you find a word you have to read it to your adult.  If you get it right, you keep it.  If you can't read it, your adult will have to hide it again.  Good luck.
Play flip the pancake with the consonant clusters.  There will be a little bit of cutting out to prepare for this game.
Then, after you have played the game, get a pencil and paper and using the spatula, give a pancake to your adult.  Your adult will then say the consonant cluster without showing you, and you can see if you can write them down.  Have your sound mat in front of you to help you form your letters properly.  Try doing at least 6 pancakes.

Number Time

Watch Wk5, Thurday Oak Academy lesson - Review lesson.  This lesson revisits some of the maths taught previously.

Now have a go at Wk 5, Day 4 Superworm maths activities.  Today you are shopping for tins of different minibeasts!

Growing activities

Yesterday's activity was all about finding different colours growing outside.  Today's activity is all about finding different types of leaves.  We have lots of different trees growing outside and although we often think of trees as having a brown trunk, branches and green leaves, there are lots of different types of trees which have different coloured trunks and different coloured and shaped leaves.  Your task for today is when you are out and about, collect different leaves from different trees.  When you get back home, have a look at your leaves and see if there are any that look alike or almost alike or others that look different.  You could use the chart below to try and identify which tree the leaf has come from.  Then, if you have a couple of sticks and some string (and a patient adult!), you could have a go at making a leaf mobile to hang up somewhere maybe outside.