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Summer 1

Spelling sentences 19.4.24 Test 26.4.26

Focus suffixes -ful -ness -less

When the root ends in y remove y and add i

We were full of happiness when we found our playful cat.

The cheerful lady was thankful to recover from the illness.

Unfortunately, the homeless man dropped his money which left him penniless.



Spelling sentences 26.4.24 Test 3.5.24

Spelling rules for the suffix  -ous

If the root word ends in y  remove  y add i

If the root word ends in our   remove our add or

If the root word ends in e        remove the e

If the root word ends in ge just add ous

Many root words just add -ous

Sometimes there is no root word

It is obvious that eating poisonous plants is dangerous.

The Egyptians built enormous pyramids in various locations in Egypt.

Howard Carter is a famous archaeologist who made a tremendous discovery.


Spelling sentences 3.5.24 Test 10.5.24

She is jealous of her famous brother who performs in various shows.

Because the athlete exercised too vigorously, she was seriously injured.

When he hiked through the mountainous area, the adventurous explorer was courageous.

Spellings 10.5.24 Test 17.5.24

Spelling rule:  add –sion

If the root word ends in ss remove one s and add –sion eg discuss – discussion

If the root word ends in de, remove the de and add –sion eg collide – collision

If the root word ends in e, remove the e add -sion eg tense – tension

If the root word ends in d, remove the d add –sion eg comprehend- comprehension

They needed supervision to plan a new extension.

To avoid confusion, they made a difficult decision.

Please get permission to take your possessions into the museum.