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Monday 29th June


Start with the challenge problem below


Year 3

Can I draw length accurately ?

Click on the link below and watch the video for Week 10 Day 1 called Draw accurately


The worksheets, answers and extra challenge questions are saved below.

Year 4

Can I interpret charts ?

Click on the link below to reach the video for today's lesson. Watch Week 10 Day 1 Interpret charts.


The worksheet, answers and an extra challenge sheet are saved below.


Can I discuss stories?

Click on this link and listen to storyteller Wilf Merttens tell The Little Story that Didn’t Want to be Told.

  • Which bit of the story did you like best?
  • Does it remind you of other stories you know?


Can I use commas to punctuate lists?

Read the story The Mice's week saved in the document below. The mice in the story find things and sell them to other animals.

  • Follow the instructions to practise using commas to punctuate lists.


Can I retell part of  a short story?

On The Mice’s Weekend, write down the story of what the mice found and sold on Saturday and Sunday.

1. Think about where they went on each day.

2. Think about what four things they collected each day.

3. Think about who they sold one of their things to each day

4.  Record your ideas on the planner sheet saved below.

Remember to use commas to separate the items in your lists.

If you’d like to, do a drawing to go with your story.

Topic - Geography

Can I draw a sketch map ?

Start by reading the Powerpoint below about sketch maps.


Today I would like you to take a short walk around your local area with an adult. You might like to take a compass to see which direction you are travelling in. You might want to take a notebook so you can make notes about your route.


Using your notes and maybe by looking at a map of your area, draw a sketch map of the route you took. Draw the roads or footpaths you walked along.


 Try to include some features of places you passed on your walk, for example buildings like a shop, church, village hall

and any physical features for example a pond or  woodland.