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Wednesday 3rd June

Morning job

Good morning everyone, let's enjoy some art. 

Colour different patterns on the wings of these butterflies. Remember that they are usually symmetrical - exactly the same on both sides of the wings. You can follow this or not, it's up to you. 


Today is grammar - choose the correct sheet for your year group.

Yr2 chose the level of difficulty you think would be best for you. The stars at the bottom of the sheet show how hard the sheet is - from 1 to 3. 



Year 1:

Year 2:


This half term we are going to be scientists. We will be comparing everyday materials including wood, metal, plastic, paper and cardboard. We will be investigating how shapes of solid objects can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching. Our tests will be fairly simple, but we will observe them carefully and make notes about what we see. We can then use this information to answer questions. 



Test 1

We are going to test how well balls bounce. Balls bounce because they are elastic. When a ball hits a hard surface it changes shape. The part touching the ground flattens slightly. It gets back into its original state quickly and bounces back up. (copyright HT)


Watch what happens in this clip, you can watch it again and again if you like. You might also find some others which are interesting. 

Now it's your turn.


Choose a variety of balls, I rummaged among the plants at school and found 5 balls. If you don't have that many don't worry, just use what you do have. 


Drop each ball on the ground to give you a rough idea of how bouncy the ball is and you can make a prediction about which you think will bounce the highest. 


You will need to make sure your test is fair  - make sure you drop the balls from the same height each time, don't throw them either. You will also need something to measure with or against. You might need some help with the recording, but an idea would be to tape some paper to the wall and mark on it how high the ball bounces on it's first bounce. You can then measure with a tape measure and write it on.  If you have your own idea of how to record the bounces, go ahead and use it.


In school, I am going to measure against the Huff and Puff shed using chalk and then use this recording sheet. I am going to tick the correct side of the sheet and then write down how high it bounced. 

Keep this sheet, or the one you make yourself - you will need it for tomorrow's lesson!