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Thursday 9th April

Happy Thursday Class Four. The weather is meant to get even hotter today - I think I will be putting some suncream on today to go out in the garden.

Yesterday I spent the day in the kitchen. I had the new kitchen fitted about 3 weeks ago, just before lockdown, and I haven't got round to cleaning and sorting it. All the walls have been plastered - but when you have new plaster, sometimes it's a bit bumpy in places, so I started yesterday by sanding down all the walls. It was disgusting, I had to wear safety goggles and a mask, and when I finished, it looked like I'd been snowed on, there was plaster dust everywhere! So I had a shower and then spent the rest of the day cleaning up the mess! All the cupboards are cleaned out now though so I am ready to start unpacking which is very exciting. The worktops are made of real wood, so today I have to clean and oil them ready to use so they are protected. Hoping to get that and some unpacking done today whilst also having some time out in the sunshine.

I wonder what things you have been up to this week? Hopefully you will have been out for some exercise, done some nice things in the garden and maybe done some cooking too? Don't forget to send us photos of some things you have done.

Have a great day, Love Miss Olver x

Activity 1

Miss Kimber has planned a fun Easter French session for you to work through at home. All the instructions are on the Word document and the Powerpoint will teach you some new Easter-related French vocabulary.

Activity 2

Some of you have been busy at home making things. 

Have a look at these beautiful flowers, amazing fishing rod and Hayden M's 'ping-pong ball rollercoaster' below for some inspiration.

Go on a hunt around your house - what different materials can you find which you could make into something new?

Remember to send me a photo of your creation, perhaps we can have a new Amazing Creations Album on our website?!


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