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What Our Parents Tell Us

We regularly ask parents for feedback to help us continually improve, refine and adapt our practice and provision. Sometimes we ask parents their views on a specific subject, such as our Year R parents reviewing how successful they found our transition arrangements. Sometimes we seek views prior to a policy change to inform our decision making, such as that for shaping provision of sex and relationships education. We also ask parents to evaluate aspects of the school through annual questionnaires. This helps us continually review and not become complacent regarding our success.


In addition, our whole approach is to be proactive and invite parents to informally 'chat' and voice any concerns before they grow into something more deeper. Our headteacher, Mr Woolley, welcomes the children into school on the gate in the mornings and is around on the playground at hometime, along with the other teachers. These are perfect times to ask a question, share a problem or just catch up.


How did parents most recently evaluate our school in 2019?


In our most recent annual questionnaire (June 2019) which was sent to all parents, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive and supportive. Parents were incredibly positive about the work we do, in fact 97.3% of feedback was positive and that which was not was largely constructive. Some particularly pleasing responses include:


Would you recommend Upham School to another parent?      100% answered Yes

Is your child happy?                                                                                          100% answered Yes

Is your child achieving well and making good progress?           100% answered Yes

Is your child well looked after and do they feel safe?                  100% answered Yes

Are staff easy to talk to?                                                                             100% answered Yes

Is the school well lead and managed?                                                    100% answered Yes


If you would like to see the complete results, including comparison against the same questions asked by OFSTED, please click on the document below: 


This questionnaire was so positive that there was very little we would use to try to develop the school; parents did not identify particular problems. However, two development points did emerge from the helpful feedback:

  • The peer mentor system was perhaps not as strong as it had been - this has already been addressed but was identified by a parent
  • Homework at KS2 tends to draw views of opposing beliefs. We will add more information about how ours is approached to help parents understand the decisions for our provision.


How did parents describe the school in 2019?


As well as  asking for answers against specific questions, we also welcome more open-ended comments to help us understand what parents most value about our school. In 2019, some of the overwhelmingly positive comments include:


‘Kindness and caring environment which supports children to learn.’ (Class 4 Parent)

‘Upham is a small school with a family-type atmosphere, which results in caring and nurturing education and any problems are dealt with directly and quickly. Despite its size, pupils are provided with countless opportunities to partake in a variety of different subjects and activities.’ (Class 4 Parent)

‘I value its Christian ethos, its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, the opportunities the children have to learn and the setting of the school.’ (Class 3 Parent)

‘It’s nurturing environment and focus on values, which gives the children guidance and aspirations.’ (Class 4 Parent)

‘It provides a learning environment that the children clearly love; the bedrock for hard work and performance.’ (Class 4 Parent)

 ‘Fantastic school, can’t thank you enough for all the staff’s amazing efforts’. (Class 4 Parent)

‘I am extremely grateful to the team at Upham for creating an amazing place for my children to grow and learn. Both of my children are happy to be there and thrive.’ (Class 3 Parent)

‘Ethos – is not just there it is followed which ensures the children’s best progress is able to happen by building the children’s confidence and skill sets.’ (Class 2 Parent)

‘I am very happy as a parent knowing what my two children think about the school and what they are learning. A warm, friendly environment to build their skill set.’ (Class 2 Parent)

‘We value the small, intimate nature of the school. The fact that the older children mix with the younger ones and are kind and caring. The community feel of the school amongst the parents. Because of this our child has grown in confidence and learnt the importance of being kind, caring and respectful to others. (Class 2 Parent)

‘A good education is what helps a person understand the world around them. School is very important, it’s like a family’. (Class 3 Parent)

‘Upham School is amazing, the buddy system is fantastic and works really well. I love how welcoming they are to the whole family not just to the child who is the pupil.’ (Class 1 Parent)

‘I particularly value the very clear parent communication. The well worded letters and list of letters in each newsletter is particularly helpful.’ (Class 1 Parent)

‘I think it’s great that children of all ages play together in the school and classes mix well. The older children are very good with the younger ones and there is a great ethos of kindness and respect.’ (Class 2 Parent)

‘The proactive response from staff regarding any concerns raised. We feel that our opinions are listened to and acted upon in an appropriate manner.’ (Class 2 Parent)

‘Being such a small school we believe our child gets quality support during his learning in the classroom and has been able to progress well in his learning as a result of this.’ (Class 2 Parent)

‘I have two children at the school and their confidence has come on leaps and bounds since being there. It is such a lovely school and I would highly recommend the school.’ (Class 1 Parent)

‘We have a very happy child who is clearly enthusiastic about her learning and able to talk confidently at home on subjects which have ranged from internet safety to Vincent Van Gogh this term!’ (Class 2 Parent)

‘Our child is very happy at Upham and it has been a wonderful start to his formal education.’ (Class 2 Parent)