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Children Leading & Responsibilities

Our children have many responsibilities in school. Our oldest children in Years 5 and 6 act as role models to the rest of the school in all they do but have extra responsibilities. They each have at least one role, many have more than this.


Some of the responsibilities relate to their interests - our librarians for example love reading and everything about books. In order to become a librarian, children have to apply for the job and fill in an application form based on a role profile. This helps them to think about what this responsibility means and that they have to prove they are suitable. Other children particularly love writing and many of these volunteer to produce monthly update articles for the Parish News Magazine.

Being a Buddy to a Year R child

All of our Year 6 children get to be a buddy to a Year R child. They help settle the children when they start school in September and interact with them during the day. They show them how the school works and help them work out what to do. It is a position of high responsibility caring for someone else but our children rise to the challenge brilliantly. They all value this position and opportunity and embrace the role with enthusiasm. Parents always comment about how amazingly well this helps their child settle into school - you can read more about this on the 'Our Buddy System' tab.

Being a Librarian

A large team of Year 5 and 6 children enjoy being librarians. They help to keep the library organised by putting away returned books as well as tidying and organising the shelves. They also have special librarian logins to the computer system which enables them to catalogue and process new books. They help other children find what they are looking for and encourage others to enjoy reading.


"I love helping the younger children choose their books." Year 6

Junior Road Safety Officer (JRSO)

Every year we train a couple of children, one from Year 5 and another form Year 6 to become our JRSOs - our champions of keeping safe on the roads. They attend a training event in the summer to learn how to fulfill this role and learn from police officers and road safety advisers from Hampshire County Council. They use this training to help others understand how to keep safe and will deliver assemblies to the whole school to share important messages. 


"I have just taken on the role of JRSO which is great and very exciting. We are planning a 'be bright and be seen' day soon' Year 6

"Being a JRSO is fun. I loved the training and I am looking forward to my assembly." Year 5

Peer Mentors

Our team of Peer mentors are there to help other children. They can help when someone is upset or has a problem or disagreement which they need a bit of help sorting out. The peer mentors will discuss the problem with the individual and help them to sort it out. 

The children can share a problem by talking to any of the mentors or they can write a quick note in our 'worry box'. The mentors use this to help someone who is finding it difficult to talk to someone. The peer mentors also know when to share something with an adult if they are worried or something more serious is happening.


"Peer mentor is a lovely job, you get to help children that might have a problem, for example if someone has really damaged someone else's feelings." Year 5

We also have groups of children who represent everyone else. They help Mr Woolley lead the school by helping to make decisions, evaluate how well something is working and suggest improvements which we could make. They also report how well they are getting on to our governors.

Our School Council

Our school councillors are elected from each class. Having explored how our parlimentary democracy system works in assembly, we mirrored the process to choose our own elected body. Children prepared ideas based on the first two tasks Mr Woolley wanted school council to address. These ideas were shared with the rest of the class, Class 4 children even wrote manifestos. Children then voted anonymously so that they had to consider people's ideas. They voted using private booths before posting their ballot paper into a secure box, just like a real election. Once the votes were counted, our current school council was then elected:

Year R: Evelyn & Ralph

Year 1: Dylan & Sophie

Year 2: Isla & Charlie

Year 3: Felicity

Year 4: Finley, Ronnie & Elsie

Year 5: Stephanie & Freddie

Year 6: Maia & Dolly


The council meet with Mr Woolley and prepare the reports of the meetings for submission to our Governors. These pictures show our councillors busy at work and of children voting: