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Thursday 4th June 2020

Good morning everyone,

Hopefully no rain today, just clouds and breezes - keep your fingers crossed.  I wonder if anyone made a wormery yesterday? We didn't quite get there at school yesterday as my sister had given me  a pot of gravel for gardening and I thought I could use some of that.  However, Mr Mason had also spotted the gravel and had tipped the lot into his new pond he has been making in the garden!!  Has anyone managed to make one at home?  I think they would be quite interesting to watch.  Do let me know if you have.I have now sourced some more gravel and we will try at school today.  We had fun writing our alternative adventures for Worm number 6 yesterday.  Zain sent his worm to the moon in a rocket - have a look in the gallery. Enjoy your day everyone.      

Letters and Sounds

practise your letter sounds using Grab a Giggling Grapheme.

Practise reading your tricky words when, what, out.  Get a small soft toy and spell out each word by throwing the toy back and forwards to your adult and saying a letter, eg o-u-t.  You can do each word a couple of times with the spelling in front of you and then try it without the spelling in front of you.  
Then have a game of rocket rescue using phase 4 cvcc and ccvc words.  If you are struggling with spelling these slightly longer words, have a go at the game using either phase 2 or phase 3 words.
Now, remember the tricky words "her" and "my"?  Put those words in front of you.  With your adult, read the passage attached and write in the missing word which will be either "her" or "my".  It's really important you get the spelling right of these 2 words so copy the spelling each time if you need to.

Number Time

Can you make today's date from Numicon.  It's the 4th June today.


Watch Oak Academy Thursday maths lesson which is all about describing 3d shapes.

Now have a go at the Day 4 Snail and the Whale activities which are all about odd and even numbers.


This week we have learnt about worms and snails.  Have a go at making a picture of a worm or a snail.  In the "I can only draw worms" story, most of the worms looked the same.  You could have a go at drawing your own set of worms and make them all slightly different by changing colours, adding glasses, a hat, a scarf, making them wider or narrower - it's up to you.  Alternatively, you could have a go at making your own worm by collaging, or using playdough or modelling clay, threading beads or even stuffing a sock/tights and adding a face.  OR why not try creating your own snail picture.  There are a few ideas below.  If you do make one, take a photo and we will put it on the display at school.