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Tuesday 9th February

Good Morning Class 2!


Yesterday you wrote a character description for one of the characters from Jack and the Beanstalk.  Today we are going to edit and improve our descriptions. 

I would like you to start today by reading carefully what you wrote yesterday. While you read it carefully, I would like you to think about the following things:


1. Have you remembered a full stop at the end of each sentence?

2. Have you remembered a capital letter at the beginning of each new sentence?

3. Have you used your tricky word mat and sound mat to help you spell words correctly?

4. Have you used lots of adjectives to describe?

5. Year 2s, I would also like you to have a go at using a simile. Watch my video from yesterday again to remind you what a simile is

Click the video below to watch me editing some sentences:

Spend some time editing your writing. You might have to read it through two or three times! Remember you can use a green or another coloured pen to edit. Now see if you can add one or two more sentences. You could also draw a picture of your character in the box at the bottom of the page.




Year 1:

Today you are moving on to learning how to sequence events in chronological order. This means putting events from your daily routine in the order in which they happen. For example: First I get out of bed. Then I eat my breakfast. Next I brush my teeth. These events from my daily routine are in chronological order. 


Click on the link below for today's lesson which includes a quiz, a video and a task. I have downloaded the task and you can find it below.

Have a go at the extra activity below if you would like to!

Year 2:


Today we will be thinking about telling and showing the time quarter past the hour. Click on the link below for your lesson. Watch the video then complete the activity. I have downloaded the activity and you can find it below. For an extra challenge see the extra activities below.


Year 1:

Yesterday you learnt that the letters 'tch' can make a 'ch' sound as in the word 'kitchen'. Today we are going to look at the same sound. Click on the phoneme spotter story below. I would like you to read it through (you will need an adult to help you) and underline or highlight the words with 'tch' in them. The answers are on the second page. Did you find them all?

Now let's have a go at spelling some words with the 'tch' sound in them. You will need a whiteboard and pen or paper and a pencil. Click on the video below:

Year 2:

This week we are going to learn what an adverb is. Click on the Power Point and go through the slides until you get to slide 9.
Have a go at the 'Spot the Adverb' activity below:
Now go back to the Power Point and look at slides 10-13. Then have a go at the 'Changing adjectives into Adverbs' activity below. There are three different levels for you to choose from:

Whole Class Story


Log onto our Class 2 Google Classroom at 2pm for a story with Mrs Sothcott. There is a link to the Google login page on our main Class 2 webpage. When you log in, make sure you click on 'Class 2' rather than your coloured reading group. Please join with your microphones turned off. I am looking forward to seeing you all then!

Mrs Hayward's Heart Puzzle

On Sunday 14th February it is St Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day where people think about love. Mrs Hayward has created this video to show you how to make a Valentine’s Heart Puzzle to help you think about the people and things that you love the most. 


Spend at at least 15 minutes reading. You could log onto Bug Club and read one of your books on there or read one of your books from home.