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Tuesday 28th April

Good Morning!

Did you have a go at the floating and sinking challenge? I would love to see some photos if you did!

Yesterday, Finley asked what would happen if he left a glass of water out all night. We decided to do some investigating! We filled 4 see-through cups with water. We marked the water line with a felt tip pen on the outside of the cup. Finley wanted to put 2 cups inside in different places and 2 cups outside. Finley says he thinks the cups outside will evaporate quicker because they are in the sun. What do you think? We are going to leave them for one week and then see what has happened!

Maybe you could set up a similar investigation at home. You could use your measuring skills to see which cup of water evaporated the most and least.

I hope you have a lovely day!

Love Mrs Sothcott


Dormouse leaflet

Today you are editing and improving your leaflet. 


Look at the information about the dormouse on this sheet. It explains about the dormouse and has a clear photo of it. 


The dormouse's heart slows down when it hibernates. Has your creature got anything special about it's body or how it moves which helps it in it's habitat? Include that information in your leaflet. 


If you have finished all the writing, you could draw and label a picture of it's habitat. 



Year 1

Today I would like you to carry on with the measuring length challenge cards that you started yesterday. Choose another 3 or 4 to do today!

Year 2

Today I would like you to have a go at some measuring challenges. Click on the link below. There are 3 different challenge cards, each with a few questions on for you to try. You don’t need to do all of them! The first sheet is the easiest, the second is harder and the third sheet is the most challenging. Make sure you use your maths book to show any workings you need to do. Grown ups: The left hand side of each sheet has some guidance for how to support your child with these challenges. 

Design and Technology

How did you get on last week with researching pop up books? Did you find many different types of mechanisms?

Last week, I told you that later in the term you would be making your own pop up information page. Your page must be an information page about an animal.  Today I would like you to design that page. Click on the document below and print it off. You can draw your design on here. If you don’t have a printer, you can draw your design on plain paper.

You need to think about the following things:

  • What will your information page be about? You just need to choose the title today. You could make your page about the animal that you made your leaflet about yesterday. 
  • Which parts of your page will be moving?
  • What mechanisms will you use? There are some ideas below but you can use different mechanisms if you like!
  • How many moving parts will your page have?

Remember, you don’t need to include details on your plan as it is just a design. You could label your design to show how it will work!