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Tuesday 24th March

Tuesday 24th March

Hi Class Four,

Here is a little message from Mrs Soley: "Good morning Class 4. Well done to you all for setting up your classrooms at home. I hope you're enjoying your learning and look forward to seeing what you send on Friday. As you know, we have had a bit of bother with uploading the bedtime story. Let me assure you that we are busy behind the scenes trying to sort this out. Apparently you can only upload videos of 15 minutes or less - not helpful Class 4 when your video is 26 minutes long! Miss Olver has spent a lot of time learning about all this and is looking into the possibilities of still being able to upload this. In the meantime, here's a photo of my grandson Jacob taken during his lunch today. Missing you all but hope you stay well and safe. Lots of love Mrs Soley xx"


Fortunately that message was sent early yesterday evening and after a number of hours of perservering I have now set up my own YouTube channel and got chapter one saved for you! I felt like I had done some great emotional learning, as it was really hard and frustrating at times, but shows when you keep trying you can do anything! I have set up a new sub-page now for the bedtime stories link so that if you missed it yesterday, you can just start from Chapter 1 today.

I hope you all had a lovely day again yesterday - the weather was so nice. I went for a lovely walk around Lakeside and then spent the afternoon painting the shed in my garden and doing a few other jobs outside. On my walk, I saw lots of beautiful rainbows in people's windows. If you haven't heard about this, then people are making rainbow pictures and putting them in their windows so that if someone walks past it will brighten up their day and make them smile. So today, I am going to make my own rainbow and put up in the window. Perhaps you could make one too? I'll put a picture up of mine tomorrow. Here's a news article about it which you might enjoy and might inspire you.

Now I'm about to make breakfast and head out for a run. Then I'll be back in time for PE with Jo Wicks! I also tried Dave's sit up challenge last night - it was late and I was tired so I'm determined I can beat my score today!

Have a great day Class Four, enjoy your learning and enjoy the sunshine.

Missing you lots already, love Miss Olver x

You might want to start your day off again with some PE. I really enjoyed the Jo Wicks session yesterday so will be doing it again today at 9am. I wonder if there will be anymore of those crazy kangaroo jumps? I thought he was going to bump into the wall as he was getting so excited!


Start by doing your times tables test. You should have 4 tests in your pack, today do the one which has a number 1 written on it. Give yourself 5 minutes for this. When you finish, you could ask an adult if they will kindly mark it for you, or if they are busy, you could use a calculator to check the answers yourself.

Put the date (24.03.20) and the title 'I can add and subtract accurately using the column method' in your Maths book. For your session today, I want you to practice your column addition and subtraction. Remember to line columns up carefully and put one digit in each box. Be aware of the common mistakes - forgetting to add any carried numbers under the line, or forgetting to borrow when you need to. Look at the white sheet and decide if A, B or C is right for you. Then work through and check your answers using the answer sheet. If you made any mistakes, have another try and see if you can work out where you went wrong.

If you finish your section, you could have a go at the pink sheet. For this activity, you have to decide if the calculation is correct or not. If it is not, then please correct it. Again, there is an answer sheet attached.

Remember, if you are finding it tricky, then have a look in the Maths help section for some support materials.


Remember to complete today's diary entry at some point during the day.

Today is your silent writing, writing session. It is up to you if you write your fact page on a computer programme such as Word or Publisher, or you hand write it in your writing book.

You are very confident at creating interesting fact pages. Think about how you organise your work. Remember to have a clear heading and subheadings to help guide your reader through. Think about where you can put pictures, captions and diagrams so they are near the text they link to. Make sure you use your plan from yesterday to help you.

Remember that this is the piece of work you will be sending to me on Friday to show off your home learning so far so please try your best on it.

You have another session on this tomorrow to edit and improve your writing.

PE - Pilates

Lots of you came to Pilates with me every day last week which was fantastic. Hopefully you are feeling confident at doing this by yourself now. I've attached the music link I was using last week. 

Start by standing on your mat in your neutral position - feet slightly apart under your hips, shoulders relaxed, back straight and facing forwards. Listen to the music to start with and try to hear the beat.

Use the beat to help you focus your breathing. Remember to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Try to do four repetitions of every activity in the session.

Warm Up - Deep breaths, lift shoulders then release, arm circles forward, arm circles backward.

Legs - Calf raises and mini squats in your neutral position. Then same activity in the other position (this is where you put your heels together and turn your feet out like frogs! Remember to put your heels back together as you come down). Balances (crane, side, arabesque, side, crane and into tree). Superman (go onto all fours, knees under your hips, hands under your shoulders, slowly stretch out opposite hand and foot and then go back to normal, swap sides).

Tummy - Pilates sit ups (sit at the end of your mat and slowly lie down and then sit back up), cat/cow stretch (on all fours again, slowly tuck your chin under and lift your back, then lower your back and look forward), leg raises (lie on your back with straight legs, lift and lower the legs together), plank (you choose how long for - you could do 30 seconds if you're not so confident or a minute if you're feeling strong!).

Stretches (calf, hamstring, quad, bicep, tricep).

Relaxation time - I have created a YouTube link below where I have recorded myself with the music to talk you through the relaxation if you want to use it. If not, just have some quiet relaxation time by yourself.

If you're not sure about any of these movements, you could Google them or swap them for another one you know. You could even find a Pilates video online to use. Or, if you really don't like Pilates, then swap it for another sport. I just want you to keep active and healthy and know lots of you really feel the benefit of doing some Pilates.

Pilates Relaxation

Here is the relaxation section of the session if you would like to listen to me talking you through it.

Spellings and Reading

Practice your spelling sentence ready for your test on Friday and do some independent reading of a book of your choice.