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Friday 3rd July 2020

Good morning everybody,

It's looking bright so far, fingers crossed it stays that way.  Yesterday, we made it to the pond for the afternoon at school and we were not disappointed.  We found pond skaters, water lice, a baby newt, water snails, and lots of little flying things.  We had a super time and were delighted to find empty dragonfly nymph cases (pupa of dragonflies) - they looked just like they were alive - have a look below.  They were incredibly delicate and fragile, but amazing.  I wonder if you can find any.  Have a lovely weekend.

Letters and Sounds

Practise your letters using flash cards on Phonics Bloom.

Then practise your tricky words using Phonic Bloom Tricky Trucks.
Practise writing the letters and u and y using the handwriting sheets below.  They are really quite similar. Remember "down, under and up to the top of the umbrella and down to the puddle", and "down a horn, up a horn and under his head".  They are on pages 7 and 8 of the handwriting sheets.
Watch and join in with the vowel song to remind you of your vowels.
Yesterday we were learning to recognise and read words beginning with the fr blend.  Try writing these words in pairs and see how there is a sneaky r as the second letter in each of the second words.  red/fred fee/free ill/frill.
Today we are concentrating on the initial blends cr and tr.  Using the pictures below, cut out and group them into tr and cr groups.  Listen to your adult say each word, repeat what your adult says and then put it in the correct group.    If you are getting really good at recognising blends, you could group all of them into their initial blends.
If you want to take this further and read some cr and tr words, use the real and nonsense cr and tr words from the selection below.

Now it's time to write the last clue for your minibeast brain teaser.  Today it is up to you what clue you give.  You might want to say something about the way they act, where you often see them, any sounds they make, if people think they are scary, if they work in groups together, if they produce anything we can eat - look up your bug and find an interesting fact.  For example "I like to make honey in a hive" or "I like to work with my friends to carry things" or "I like to flutter through the air and land on a flower" - anything you like.  Have your sound mat and adult with you, decide on your sentence, say it a few times together and then sound out each word one at a time and write it down.  I must say that many of the children at school have really enjoyed this - they have been making difficult clues and trying to trick the reader out.

Don't forget to test it out on a family member when you have finished it and send it over to me too and I'll see if I can work it out.   Have fun.

If you want to practise your phonics with a teacher, click on one of the links below:

Number Time

Watch the Oak Academy Friday maths video.  Today it is revising a lot of the measuring activities and vocabulary from earlier in the week.  Really good if you missed a few of them.  

If you want to do some fun maths with an adult, have a go at the Oliver's Vegetables maths activities - lots of fun today making milkshakes, doing a spot of doubling and measuring with vegetables!


Have a look at the website to see Sport Dave's PE video.  In fact there are two today and they are both about improving your tennis skills.


Also, why not try the lego challenge and send it in.  It's about building the thing that you would like to be doing - Mr Woolley has built a swimming pool - take a look.


Have a lovely weekend everyone.