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Wednesday 13th May


Start the lesson by doing the board calculations. Remember to mark your work and see if you can make any corrections if you need to.

Year 3

Can I find the perimeter of a range of shapes?


Year 4

Can I find the area of a shape by counting squares?

Watch the video for Week 4 Lesson 4


The worksheet and challenge questions are saved below


Start the lesson by practising your spelling sentences.


Can I answer questions about a diary entry?

Look at the pictures of the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb at this website:


Read the second extract from Howard Carter's diary in which he describes entering Tutankhamun's tomb and think about what it must have been like to discover this after so much time searching.

Your written task later this week will be to write a diary entry as Howard Carter when he enters the tomb for the first time.


The third lesson about food is saved below, once again Miss Kimber has kindly prepared this work for you.