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Thursday 23rd April 2020

Morning everyone, hope you're all ready for another scorcher.  I'm off to school for the day today and will try to clean a few more toys - the classroom is in absolute turmoil at the moment.  Thank you for the emails that are coming in.  It is really good to see that so many of you have enjoyed a well earned rest over the Easter period and are now giving home school a really good go and trying your absolute best.  No extra news on the pool in the garden as yet - should be full now, just needs the chemicals adding and then a willing daughter to give it a go - I'll keep you posted.

Have a lovely day.

Letters and Sounds

Practise your flash card sounds.

Look at "ow" digraph - sound out and write cow.  Look at "ur" digraph, sound out and write church.  Look at "er" digraph, sound out and write her.

Look at the word "have" on your flash cards.  You can sound out the first three sounds to hear the word have.  You just then need to remember to add the sneaky e at the end.  Have a go at writing the word 'have' three different times in three different colours.  

Now try writing one of the following sentences.

Can I come?

Come and have some food.

Come and look at the cow next to the church.  It can have some flowers.


We are going to think about the "oa" phoneme today.  Watch the Epic Phonics video below and see if you can read the words as they are made.  

Now click on the link below to bring up the real or nonsense word sheet and print it off.  Choose a colour for real words and a colour for nonsense words.  Read each word to your adult and then decide if it is a real word or a nonsense word.  If it's real draw a circle around it with your real colour and if it's nonsense, draw a circle around it with the nonsense colour.  If you don't have a printer, you can just copy them down using the nonsense or real colour.
If you want to practise your phonics with a teacher, click on the link to the Read Write Inc lessons.  Today the set 1 sound is b and the set 2 sound is ee.

Number Time

Watch the Day 3 Acorn Academy Maths video.  Try Day 4 activities of Supertato maths - printing potato patterns.


Watch day 3 of the lambing diaries - what new things can you find out about sheep farming?

Evil Pea - how much of the supermarket's money can he escape with in his home made pirate boat?????

The evil pea has escaped from the supermarket with a stash of money he has taken from the till and headed for the shores of England.  He has his home made pirate ship to escape in but doesn't know how much money he can safely take with him without sinking the boat.  Choose something from your home to make a pirate boat with, a yoghurt pot or tub/tray of some sort, a foil pie dish perhaps and then get outside with a bowl of water and see how much money the pea could escape with before his boat would sink.

Attached are some guidance notes from a pirate ship investigation to help you and your parents out if you want them.  Dont get too wet!!!!