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Monday 22nd February

Good Morning Class 2!

Hi Class 2,


How was your half term break? I hope you had a lovely week relaxing at home. I wonder what you got up to? Did you do any baking or crafty activities? Did you go out for any walks? I had a really nice week with Finley and Lewis. We spent lots of time playing outside in the garden; riding bikes, digging and playing games. We also spent a lot of time chilling inside on the sofa watching movies.  I feel very relaxed now! 

We are going to start this half term by carrying on with our Once Upon a Time topic. Then next week we will be starting our new topic! I am looking forward to seeing you all for our Class Storytime tomorrow at 10am


Love Mrs Sothcott x

Here is the Google Classroom Reading Timetable for this week. Please check this carefully as some of the timings may be different to previous sessions. To find out which book you will be reading, check your Google Classroom Reading Group page.


At the end of last half term we created our own story maps to retell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Do you remember I asked you to keep it somewhere safe? Go and find it now because you will need to use it today! When you have found it, spend some time using it to retell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk verbally.

If you can't find your story map, click on the Picture Sequencing resource below and retell the story verbally using the pictures to help you.

Today we are going to write the beginning of the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Click on the video below to watch me write my first few sentences:

Now it's your turn! Make sure you have your story map or pictures next to you to remind you of the story. You should also have your tricky word mat and your phonics sound mat next to you. There is also a Jack and the Beanstalk word mat that you might also like to use.  I would like you to write just the beginning of the story today. Stop writing when you get to the part of the story where Jack has found the beanstalk in his garden. Tomorrow we will write the middle of the story and on Wednesday we will write the ending. You could write on one of the bordered sheets below or just on a piece of paper from home.

Live Assembly with Mr Woolley


Join us at 10am for our live assembly. Log onto your Google Classroom, select 'Whole School Assembly' and click the 'Meet Link' at the top of the page. See you then!



We are carrying on with learning all about Time this week. Next week we will be moving on to Shape.


Year 1:

Today you will be learning all about telling the time to half past. Click on the below link for your lesson which includes a quiz, a video and an independent task. I have also provided you with a follow up task to complete after the independent task. Good luck!

Year 2:


Today we are continuing to learn about telling the time to 5 minute intervals. We will just be thinking about 'past' times today. Click on the below link for today's lesson which includes a quiz, a video and an independent task. I have also provided you with a follow up activity to do. Good luck!



We're all learning the same sounds today: gn and kn. Click below for your phonics lesson:

gn - sign, kn - knee

Green Group Guided Reading


Log onto Google Classroom for our Guided Reading session today at 2pm.


This afternoon I would like you to choose one or more of the following activities:

Make up your own exercise! You could go for a long walk, run, bike ride or scoot around your local area. You could create an obstacle course in your house or garden for you and your family to try out. 



Find somewhere quiet to sit and read for at least 15 minutes. You could read a book from home or log onto Bug Club. To log in, your user name is your first name initial followed by your surname e.g. jsothcott. Your password is class2 and the school code is h9m6. If you need some more books on your bug club account then please do let us know!

Story time with Mrs Miller

The Aliens are coming Story

The Aliens are coming challenge

Baking with Miss Newton


Dear Class 2,


This week will be our last fairy tale themed baking session. I thought it would be a great idea to make the Queen of Hearts Jam Tarts.


You will need:

250g Plain Flour

125g Butter or Dairy Free spread

1 egg or30ml veg oil

100g Jam or Fruit curd of your choice


You will also need a cupcake tin for this activity. If you would find it easier you could buy some shortcrust pastry ready made from the shop.


Love From 


Miss Newton 



My new apron from Mrs Miller for my birthday. Keep an eye out for it in my video.