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Tuesday 5th May 2020

Good morning everyone, it's looking pretty windy today.

Yesterday, I spent a significant amount of time shopping for two members of my family.  So I started the day bright and early in Fareham to do my shopping, then I went down to Southsea in Portsmouth to deliver my sister's shopping, then back to Fareham to go to the pound shop to get stuff for my mum's dog that can only be bought in the pound shop (ahh), and then off to Swanmore to deliver my mum's shopping and then finally back home for a nice cup of tea.  I spent the afternoon pleasing myself which was really nice - I didn't switch the computer on once, I just chilled - I even managed a little unplanned and unexpected nap after catching up with Gardner's World!  I finished the day with a gentle evening stroll with Mr Mason after tea.  I have started a puzzle so I did a little bit of that and my daughter Pippa has been doing some sequin art which she started when she was about your age so about 8 years ago - she finally finished it!!!!!I wonder if any of you are working on things that are going to take a little time to complete.  I hope they don't take you 8 years!!

Have a good day everyone.

Letters and Sounds

Practise your letter sounds by playing 'Flash Cards Time Challenge' on the Phonics Play website.  Remember, log in with the free user name "march20" and the password "home".  Select the phase 3 sounds and then phase 2 and 3 from next page.

Can you remember the 5 vowels?  Now join in with the Old Macdonald Vowel song.
This week we are going to be learning how to read and spell short words that have more than one letter after the vowel in a word.  A letter of the alphabet which is not a vowel is called a consonant.  (So parents we are looking at consonant vowel consonant consonant words CVCC today.)  It is really easy to miss out one of the consonants in these words because most of the time we have only sounded out 3 sounds.  Sound out and count the sounds on your fingers for the word ban - b-a-n, it has 3 sounds.  Now sound out and then count out the sounds on your fingers for the word bank - b-a-n-k, it has 4 sounds, there is an extra sound after the vowel a.  Try these two words.  Sound out and count out the sounds on your fingers for the word win - w-i-n - it has 3 sounds.  Now sound out and count out the sounds on your fingers for the word wind - w-i-n-d.  It has 4 sounds, there is an extra sound after the vowel. Repeat for the words 'den' and 'dent'.  Have a look at the powerpoint below, sounding out and reading each word, and then try writing the word when it gets to the dots for each word.  Just do the first 4 words - stop at pot.  Make sure you press the "play slideshow" button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen to make the animations work.
Now another memory for your Lockdown tree.  Think of something new you have done because of the lockdown and write it down on another tree shape or in your writing book.  Remember to have your sound mat and tricky word mat with you to help, capital letter to start, full-stop at the end.  I would write "I have done PE with Joe every day".  I wonder what new thing you have done.  Hang it on your tree when it's done.
If you'd like to practise your phonics with a teacher, click on the Read Write Inc link below. Set 1 is y and Set 2 is ir.

Number Time

Click on the link below to do week 3, lesson 2 of the Oak Academy maths lessons - exploring and discussing days of the week.

Now try Day 2 of the Very Hungry Caterpillar maths activities.  This all about printing, counting, doubling and labelling numbers.  Parents, you will have to explain and recap what doubling is to your child - this is easy to do using your hands and fingers  "I have 2 (you show them 1 hand with 2 fingers) - you show me double 2 (the children use two hands with 2 fingers) - repeat. I've put a doubling powerpoint below to explain doubling further if you want it. Could you also keep looking at recognising 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 so encourage some caterpillars with these amounts of body parts too.  

Farm Activities

Watch the two short videos - one shows different animals and machinery on a farm and the other one is about pigs.  Can you remember the name for a mummy piggy, daddy pig and baby pig?  Pigs provide us with meat called pork.  What other different food can pigs give us?  Speak to your adult about this - how many different pork products can you think of?  

Cows, chickens and sheep/lambs also provide food for us.  Can you tell your adult which meat each of the animals give us and can you think of any other food you eat that is made from that meat?
Colour in and cut out a pig, chicken, sheep and cow and stick them in your scrap book.  Next, print off the 2 pages of pictures and discuss with your adult what each item is and which animal provides it.  Then cut out and stick the picture next to the animal that provides what is in the picture.  If you don't have a printer, draw the animals and ask your adult to write the item next to each animal for you.