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Home learning for today

Good morning

How are you today? I hope you had a good day yesterday. How did you get on with all the home learning tasks?

For your English lesson on Friday, I would like you to write me a letter to tell me all about the things you have been doing this week and how you are getting on. That will be the written task that I would like you to e-mail to me. I will tell you a little more about this on Friday.

 If it is helpful, you might like to make a few notes each day so you can remember at the end of the week!


I had a busy day yesterday. I spent quite a bit of time preparing your lessons on the computer and thinking about how you would get on with the tasks. After lunch, I went for a lovely walk around the fields and lanes near my house with Megan. The weather was so beautiful, I loved looking at the blue sky and seeing all the spring flowers around us. We also walked past a barn full of young cows which was exciting! Unfortunately, one of the fields we walked across was very boggy and we both got wet and muddy shoes!

Later on, I tidied up my desk - see the photo below! How is your work area looking? Are you keeping it nice and organised?


Keep working hard

Love from Mrs Bird x

My tidy desk!

Hi Class 3! laugh

Well this is different! I have missed all of you very much and am glad to say I am well, as is all of my family.

I have been trying to keep busy doing jobs at home and have been cycling around Durley/Upham to keep fit as well as walking my two dogs. Another thing I like to do is jigsaw puzzles. I started one at the weekend and have nearly finished it.

I will be getting some RE together for you all to do at home on Thursday each week and posting a message or two as well.

I hope you and your families are doing well! Stay happy smiley Love from Mrs Lambert x



My Westie puzzle! Nearly finished.


We usually do our times tables tests today. If you have a grown up to ask you some times tables, that would be great.

Alternatively, you could use your flash cards; to do the speed test  / multiplication check or if you can access the Twinkl website do the practice here


Year 4

Can I convert tenths to decimals?


Watch the video for Lesson 2 on the webpage

Then complete the worksheet which goes with the lesson. Do as much as you can. Then mark your work using the answer sheets.


Year 3

Can I count in tenths?


Watch the video for Lesson 4 on the webpage


Then complete the worksheet which goes with the lesson. Do as much as you can. Then mark your work using the answer sheets.


Spelling task  Look in your pack. There is a card with lots of root words and the prefixes in, im, ir and il.

Cut up the words and muddle up all the root words. Can you match each root word with the correct prefix? Think about the rules for this that we learnt last week.

Complete the worksheet  Making opposites (p30)   in the pack of spelling activities which was also in your pack.


Reading  Read the text What is a robot? (in your pack)

Underline any words you are unsure of the meaning of. Then try to work out what a possible meaning might be by looking for a root word you know or thinking about the meaning of the rest of the sentence.


If you have a dictionary you can look up the definitions of these words. There is a children's online dictionary at


Answer the following questions in full sentences


What is a robot?

What is the purpose of sensors?

How are robots usually powered?

How are they controlled?

 Give one use of a robot.


Can I explain the purpose of a switch?

Can I design or make a switch using my knowledge of electricity?


Read Slides 1-8 on the Powerpoint below.

Using your knowledge of electrical circuits together with the learning we did last week on conductors and insulators, I would like you to design a switch.  This switch could be used to switch the lights on and off on your model of the Iron Man.

If you have suitable materials at home, it would be great if you could make the switch. I know it will be difficult to test it, as you haven't got the same equipment as we do in school. There is a second Powerpoint below if you need help with ideas.

If you can't make it, just draw a careful diagram to show the materials you would you and show how you would switch on and off the lights.



I have copied the last two pages of the Iron Man as sadly we ran out of time to finish the book. They are below.

Please read to the end of the book.


Discuss these questions with someone at home:

Did you enjoy the Iron Man book? What did you enjoy? / not enjoy?

Do you think it had a good ending?

What  lessons can we learn from the story?

The end of the Iron Man story