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Wednesday 20th January

Good morning Class 2!


Watch Mrs Pilgrim's morning message below.

Morning from Mrs Pilgrim

Don't forget there are also the daily PE challenges we are putting up so if you want to challenge yourself like me you can keep doing these!


There is also PE with Joe Wicks live at 9 am today. Click on the link below.


Have a lovely day.


Mrs Pilgrim x

Good Morning Class 2


Hello Everyone,

Your first job this morning is to have a look at our Once Upon a Time display. Can you think about the following questions and talk to someone about them.

What can you see?

What is new?

Can you name any of the stories?

We hope you enjoy your day and keep up the hard work. You are al doing a fantastic job and working so hard. We are very proud of you.

Love from Miss Newton 

Spot the difference.


We are going to start today by learning some more about Traditional Tales. Click on the Power Point below and go through all of the slides:

Over the next few lessons, we will be looking more closely at the story of Hansel and Gretel. Today we are going to focus on just the beginning of the story. Click on the link below to watch a video of me reading the first part of the story:
Click on the document (Year 1 or Year 2) below and read the six box summary of the first half of Hansel and Gretel.  You could do this independently or you could click on the vide below to hear me read the summary to you:

Year 1:

Now scroll down to the second page where you will see six empty boxes. I would like you to draw a picture in each box to match that part of the story. Then add some labels to your pictures.

Year 2:

Now scroll down to read the questions underneath. Discuss each question. Read the summary boxes again and write an answer to each question.

Challenge: Can you write a full sentence to answer each question?



For our Mental Maths today I would like you to use your 5 times table skills to help you circle all the numbers from the 5 times table in the below sheet. Good luck!

Today we are carrying on with arrays. Have a look at my video to remind you what you did yesterday.

Year 1:


Choose an array picture from the below document and then write a repeated addition number sentence to go with it, like mine:


If you didn't feel very confident yesterday you might like to continue with yesterday's learning for a little while and then move onto this when you are feeling more confident.

Year 2:


Today I would like you to complete the below sheet and then if you are feeling confident have a go at the problem solving sheet. If you didn't feel very confident yesterday writing repeated addition number sentences to go with arrays you may like to continue with this for a while until you feel more confident and then move on to the sheet.


We are going to practice recognising sounds and reading words. Click the link below to play Dragon's Den on Phonics Play. Year 1s choose Phase 3 or 4, Year 2s choose Phase 5.

Year 1:

Yesterday we learnt that the letter 'y' can sometimes make a 'igh' sound at the end of words like 'fly' and 'by'. Today we are going to learn that the letter 'y' can sometimes make a 'ee' sound at the end of words like 'happy'.

Click on the link below for your phonics lesson:

Year 2:

Yesterday we learnt what a verb is. Can you remember? A verb is a doing word. We also revised present and past tense.  You had a go at spotting verbs in sentences and changing verbs from the present tense to the past tense. Click the link below to a BBC lesson all about verbs. Today I would like you to watch the video and have a go at Activity 1 and 2. Stop after Activity 2 as we will be continuing tomorrow.



Today we will be looking in more detail at the parts of a castle. Read the PowerPoint below.

Now you have looked at the PowerPoint have a go at labelling a diagram of a castle. The words you will need to label your castle are on page 2 of the Word document.

Gingerbread House Collage

As we have been looking at the story of Hansel and Gretel, Mrs Miller has made a video showing you how you could use collage to create your own gingerbread house artwork.

You can follow the instructions on the video and pause it at each step if you need to.

Have fun!


Story time with Mrs Miller


Today I have chosen to read one of my favourite stories, Room on the Broom. 

I know that lots of you will have heard this story, but hopefully, like me, you just love listening to it again and again. smiley


Go and find a cosy place to sit and snuggle while you watch. Enjoy!

love Mrs Miller x


Click on the link below to watch my story time.