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Spring 2

Spelling sentences 23.2.24 Test 1.3.24

Focus words with suffix -ly

2 syllable words ending in y, remove y add ily

1 syllable words ending in y add ly

Words ending in -ic  add ally

Luckily, the lady’s life changed dramatically when she won the lottery.

Frantically, he searched for the ticket and wearily made his way to the train.

Enthusiastically, the team climbed the mountain and easily reached the peak.

Spelling sentences 1.3.24   Test   8.3.24

Focus prefixes un mis dis

Our parents will be unhappy if we misbehave when we’re unwell.

The bulb is unlit because the circuit is disconnected.

If you’re unable to switch on the lights, I’ll be upset as I dislike the dark.

Spelling sentences 8.3.24 Test 15.3.24

Focus prefixes

If the root word starts with r add ir

If the root words starts with p or m add im-

If the root word starts with l add il-

All other root words add -in

An irregular triangle has unequal length sides.

If you’re impatient, it’s impossible to wait.

It’s irresponsible to irritate your independent sister.