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Monday 1st March

Good Morning! 1.3.21

Google Classroom


Here is our Google Classroom Timetable for this week. Please check this carefully and make a note of your sessions!


Here is the Mighty Writing from last Friday in case you missed it:

First click the video below:

Today you are going to do some writing about the Kenya and UK villages. Remember to have your phonics sound mat and tricky word mat out when you start writing:

Year 1:

You are going to describe each of the villages. First click on the video:

Click on the word document below and print it out to write on. If you do not have a printer, you can just write on some paper you have at home. You will also need to be able to see the two pictures of the villages.

Year 2:

You are going to describe and compare the UK and Kenyan villages. You will need to think carefully about what is similar and what is different. First, click on the video:

Now click on the word document below and print it out to write on. If you do not have a printer, you can write on some paper you have at home. You will also need to see the two pictures of the villages.

10am: Whole School Assembly with Mr Woolley


Log into Google Classroom and click on Whole School Assembly. At 10am, click the Meet Link at the top of the page.



This week we are moving on to learning all about shape. Shapes are amazing because everywhere you look you see shapes. Have a look around you wherever you are sitting now. What can you see? I can see my tea mug which is a cylinder, the screen of my laptop is a rectangle, I can see a cardboard box which is a cuboid, my TV screen which is a rectangle. I could go on because they really are everywhere! Today we are thinking about recognising and comparing 2D and 3D shapes. Remember 2D shapes are completely flat (like a piece of paper) and 3D shapes stick out (like my cardboard box). Watch the video below.

Year 1:


Using the 2D shape and 3D shape word mats below, do a shape hunt around your house and garden to find examples of these shapes. Do some sorting of the shapes you find. Write a label or make a video to explain how you have sorted them. For example:


  • Have you sorted them into 2D and 3D shapes?
  • Have you sorted them by colour?
  • Have you sorted them by whether their sides/edges are straight or curved?
  • You might have sorted them another way, let me know!

Year 2:


Your worksheet for today can be found below.


Let's start today by revising the sounds we have already learnt. Click on the Power Point below and say each sound clearly. Are there any you are unsure of? Make a note of these and you can practise them on Friday.

Year 1

Year 1 Phonics - st

Year 2


This afternoon I would like you to choose one or more of the following activities:

Hampshire School Games Challenges
Make up your own exercise! You could go for a long walk, run, bike ride or scoot around your local area. You could create an obstacle course in your house or garden for you and your family to try out. 

2pm Orange Group Guided Reading


Log into Google Classroom and Click on Orange Group. At 2pm, click the Meet Link at the top of the page. We will be reading The Penguins of Madagascar: Good Deed Day. I have added this book to the 'My Stuff' section of your Bug Club account. Please have this book open ready for our reading session. If you cannot do this, please don't worry as I can share my screen with you.


Find somewhere quiet to sit and read for at least 15 minutes. You could read a book from home or log onto Bug Club. To log in, your user name is your first name initial followed by your surname e.g. jsothcott. Your password is class2 and the school code is h9m6. If you need some more books on your bug club account then please do let us know!

Now click the video below to listen to Mrs Hayward read you a story:

Message from Mrs Miller about Art (Wednesday) and Music (Thursday)

We will be making something in Art on Wednesday that you shall be using in your music lesson on Thursday. For art you will need either a terracotta pot (diameter about 12/13cm) or a large empty food can. You will also need an elastic band that fits around the top of it.

Thank you 😊