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December 2022

We started the month off with Healthy Eating Week.  The children were introduced to

the Eatwell plate and found out that different foods can be grouped into different food types, such as fruit and vegetables and dairy products, and that we need more, some, a little or none of a food type to have a healthy diet.  They also found out that drinking between 6 and 8 drinks a day is very healthy and children have been proud when they have drunk a whole bottle of water in a day at school on top of their snack time milk/water drink and their lunch time drink.  The children tasted a variety of fruit and vegetables and many gave us a thumbs up for quite a lot of the food they sampled. 

Junk modelling has been very popular this month with many of our children trying their hand at making something.  There has been a lot of experimenting with cutting, joining and sticking and many are finding out that glue sticks often won't do the job for a permanent stick, and so have tried a stickier glue or tape.  A couple of our children have had an idea of what they wanted to make before starting and have consulted a book with help from an adult to see what their model needed - take a look at the submarine.  Other things created include a medal, a rocket, shakers, a hotel and a computer.

Christmas has been a main part of our days this month with children practising their Christmas play.  They did a great job of learning all the songs and practising where to be on the stage for their different roles.  There was definitely an extra spring in their steps when they performed wearing costumes to an audience.  Well done everyone.

The children made a variety of Christmas decorations and cards for Christmas.  They also made shortbread biscuits for our Christmas party, as well as to take home.   We finished the month with our Christmas lunch, party and church service.