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Tuesday 31st March

Good morning Class Four.

I hope your home learning went well yesterday. I hope you are looking forward to doing your silent writing later - I know a few of you are really excited about it as you e-mailed me yesterday to share some of your ideas. I also hope cooking goes well later - I look forward to seeing some photos of what you make, it could be Mrs Soley's blondies, or it can be anything you fancy/have ingredients for (I know how hard it is to get some food items at the moment).

It was much colder yesterday so I spent the day indoors. I unpacked lots of boxes and sorted through them. There were some bits I want to go to the charity shop or onto Facebook marketplace when the restrictions are lifted and some bits into the bin. I've ordered some underbed storage boxes which are hopefully coming on Friday, but for now everything is waiting for them on the spare bed! I also spent some time making some Easter cards to post to my friends and family - I've got to make some more again tonight. It was a really nice task, sitting and colouring and writing nice messages. 

Hope you have a great day of learning,

Love Miss Olver x

Today's Learning

As always, I will be starting my day with PE with Joe. Yesterday I found the bear jumps hard work, there were lots of lunges and squats in that workout for my poor legs!!!


As it is Tuesday, you need to start by doing your Times Tables tests. Go through your pack and find the test that has a number 2 on it. Work through this one today. Give yourself 5 minutes to complete the test. Once you have finished, you could ask an adult very kindly if they would mind marking it for you, if they are busy, then you could try marking it yourself with a calculator.


Today you will be learning how to convert between fractions and decimals. Go to the website and choose ‘Home Learning’, ‘Year 5’, ‘Week 1’, ‘Lesson 2’.


If you are having trouble finding the resources: Open up the Home Learning Year 5 page. You will notice that the Week 2 resources open up automatically. This is because it is the second week that schools are working from home, but I didn't know about this amazing resource when I set you your work last week, so we are working on Week 1. You should see a pink horizontal bar that says Week 1. On the right hand side there is a + sign. Click on the + and it will open up all of Week 1 resources. The document below gives screenshots of how to access it. If you are having trouble finding it please e-mail me and I will try and help you!

The lesson follows the same set up as yesterday. Watch the video, work through the worksheet questions when it says to do so and then check your answers at the end. Remember - don't worry if you don't have a printer, just look at the worksheet and write the answers in your Maths book.

Also - if you are finding it tricky, there are a few resources in the Maths Help section of the website which might help you.

If you have time, or want to work a bit more on this, have a go at the challenge sheet below. These problems are like the little pink ones we normally have available at the end of each Maths lesson in school.


Remember to fill out your diary/journal at some point today.

Today is your session to complete your silent writing task. You can choose if you complete this in your lined book or if you would rather complete it on a computer. Use your plan from yesterday to help you organise your writing. Think about whether you are writing in the first person (I, me, we), second person (you) or third person (he, she, they). Also think about whether your tone needs to be formal or informal. You will have tomorrow’s session to finish and edit and improve your writing.



Mrs Soley has prepared a recipe with photos which you might like to use to bake some tasty blondies. But if you don’t have the ingredients, or you would prefer to cook something else, then that is completely fine too. We just want you to do some cooking at home. Remember that this week I would like you to send me a photo of either your cooking or Friday art work (or both if you'd like!).

Spellings and Reading

Practise your spelling sentence ready for your test on Friday and do some independent reading of a book of your choice.