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A message for you

Dear Class 3,

Aren't we lucky with the lovely weather we are having? As well as all the learning you are doing, I hope you have spent lots of time in your garden enjoying the sunshine.

Yesterday, I tried to do the Jo Wickes workout again, but the website was so busy, I couldn't get onto it. Instead, I did the workout from Monday again. Lots of the other teachers are doing the workout at the same time so we have been messaging each other whilst we are doing it! I hope you have stayed in touch with all your friends. While we can't come to school, it is so important to chat with everyone. I had a long Facetime call with Mrs Lambert. It was so nice to talk to her as I haven't seen her for a week. She has offered to plan the RE each week. Hopefully you saw the message she wrote yesterday.

This afternoon, I dusted off my bike, pumped up the tyres and oiled the chain. I haven't been cycling for a while. I then went on a lovely cycle ride all along the lanes towards Upham and through Durley. There's a picture of me when I got back. I have also put a picture of one of my special helpers! (Bosun) Later on, however, Bosun let the side down. He caught a little mouse which then escaped under our fridge. It was really tricky to rescue it! Mr Bird nearly got bitten! We managed to get it out eventually and released it, completely unharmed, into the fields behind our house. A lucky escape for that little mouse!

I received a couple of email messages from children in our class which made me really happy. I can't wait to hear all your news on Friday.

Have a good day!

Love from Mrs Bird

Message from Mrs Lambert


Good sunny morning Class 3! ☀️

It’s good to see Mrs Bird on her bike! I have been cycling everyday as I miss my cycle to school and I miss waving to some of you in the mornings 🚴‍♀️ 
🧩 I finished my Westie jigsaw puzzle, it was quite hard as it had lots of funny shapes - my two Westies didn’t seem very impressed and I forgot to take a photo. 
I’m starting a new one today of Waterloo Station - it’s got LOTS of people in it so looks very tricky! I will do a photo diary of Mrs Lambert’s jigsaw puzzles so you can see my progress. Let me know if you like jigsaw puzzles and if you do one, take a photo to show me!