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Monday 15th June 2020

Good morning everybody,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine.  Today's the last sunny day if you can believe the forecasters so get outside while you can.  Yesterday evening around 7 o'clock, we decided to nip down to Lee-On-Solent to have a little time by the sea.  It was just like being there in the middle of the day as it was so sunny.  And luckily the icecream shops were still open.  We did notice that the fish and chip shops were open and empty too so next week we might abandon Sunday roast in exchange for fish and chips on the beach in the evening!  Have a good day everyone.

Letters and Sounds

Practise your sounds using the Phonics Bloom pirate ships.

Practise reading phase 4 tricky words using the word cards on your screen below.

This week we are going to practise writing two letters each day from the same handwriting letter family.  We need to really concentrate on starting in the right place and then forming them in the right direction.  If you find you are getting good at this, see if you can make each letter sit on the line.  When you have written a whole line of one letter, look closely at your letters and put a very small smiley face next to your best letter.  


Today we are going to practise the letters c and a (we had a go at these last week too).  Remember the phrase you can say as you form each letter - "curl round the caterpillar" for c and "around the apple and down the leaf" for a.  You can look at your sound mats to see the pictures to accompany the letters.  If you have a printer, you can print off the a and c sheet using the link below - they are on page 1.

Then have a go at sounding out and writing 2 syllable words.  Take each word one syllable at a time.  First read the word, then with your adult, sound out each syllable with your adult writing down each sound in each syllable.  Then see if you can write the word one syllable at a time too - you could sound it again with your adult to make sure you get all the sounds.






This week we are going to make another little book but this time it is going to be about the life cycle of a butterfly.  So we are going to need a front cover again with a picture on and the title "The Life Cycle of a Butterfly", so fold a piece of paper in half and create your front cover.  Put By....(your name) at the bottom so we know that you wrote it.  We will find out all about butterflies later on today.  
If you want to practise your phonics with a teacher, choose a link from below.

Number Time

Watch Oak Academy's Monday Maths Lesson.  Today it is all about combining or adding two amounts to find totals.

This week's story that number work is based around is called Princess Mirror Belle and the Dragon Pox.  Click on the link below to hear the story.
Now have a go at the Day 1 maths activities.  Can you collect some junk modelling equipment to make a castle or do you have building bricks you can make a castle from.  Also, look at the repeating colour patterns - describe the patterns and explain where and why they go wrong.

Minibeast Activities

There is a link to a Dr Seuss butterfly story below which you can look at when you get a mo.

However, as today seems to be the last day of guaranteed sunshine for the week, I think it's time to get outside on a minibeast hunt.  So either head into the garden or go out and about with your family and see what you can find.  Remember, lots of the minibeasts like to be in dark conditions so looking under things like stones and logs, could uncover a wealth of life.  Also see if you can find any minibeast eggs anywhere sitting under leaves.  On Friday, many of the class spent their playtime searching for minibeasts and found lots of little holes where they thought the ants lived; they also  continued to follow ants when they saw them and spotted a variety of things flying by.  Happy hunting - there is a checklist below if you want it.