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Ideas for Activities, Home Learning and Routine (& LEGO Challenge)

This page is designed to give you some general resources to help you recreate parts of the school day, if you want to, and to help you find other activities do in addition to those from your class page.

Mr Woolley's Lego Challenge

I love Lego - it's the greatest invention ever- and I know most of you have some at home so it's the ideal thing for a creative challenge. Follow the link below to see what the current challenge is and any previous ones. If you make a build for the challenge, get your parents to email it to the adminoffice@upham.hants.sch email address and I might add a few of your photos in too!

Daily Routines

You may like to try to follow aspects of your child's normal daily routine from class. Here are some overviews to give a sense of what they tend to do:

Keeping Up Social Activities Whilst Isolating

The hardest thing about working from home is that the children will not be surrounded by friends. Therefore any opportunities to to work collaboratively and discursively (without actually meeting) are really important. You could try:

  • Phoning other children (perhaps over a wi-fi connection) to discuss doing some work together
  • Message each other and send pictures of how a task, make or build is going
  • Use Skype or similar video messaging to have someone else 'in the room' whilst working
  • Make a video to send to someone - something to make them smile or give them an idea; they will probably return the favour! 
  • Many games have social functions you could use - be careful you are playing a game your parents have given you permission to play and is in your age group (check our E-safety page if you are not sure)
  • Send fun ideas to your class email, we might post it on your class page.
  • Complete an activity with someone else - email them a copy and work on bits together or back-and-forwards.

Keep Fit and Active and Keeping Your Mind Healthy

It's really important to stay active. Dave is putting some ideas of how to do this without having to leave the house or garden on his Sports page:

Don't forget it's really important to keep your mind healthy too. Doing physical exercise helps with this but so does trying to think positive thoughts. If you feel down or sad share this with a parent, try not to keep it hidden, and try to think about the positive things you can do instead. Parents - if you are worried with how your child is coping their are lots of links to charities that might be able to help on our Mental Health and Wellbeing page.

If you are feeling like you need something to calm you, these are links to the mindfulness videos we used in assembly and at lunch that might help. You could have the soothing, calm music on in the background whilst you work.

Daily Assembly Ideas

Everyday we have an assembly which helps the children to think about an aspect of life. During March we were exploring different Lent themes each week. As part of this we often sing a song together. If this is a part of the day you would like to 'recreate' then follow the link below to an assembly ideas page.

Other Activities To Try

Many other activities would be really valuable learning. You might not normally have time to teach your child how to do things like check the oil level in the car, paint a skirting board or cook a roast chicken but with time on your hands, now could be that moment. Not only are these great things to share together, they are lifelong learning skills too:

  • Tidy and reorganise the garage/ shed/ spare room
  • Gardening - how to prune (safely), planting, growing seeds and bringing on
  • Car maintenance - check tire pressures, oil, water levels, clean inside & out
  • Use tool they haven't before eg pressure washer to clean a patio
  • Mow the lawn
  • Help in some DIY
  • Painting/ decorating
  • Cooking - simple things where you have store-cupboard ingredients eg jam tarts 
  • Help in your work - do they know what you do in your work?
  • Cleaning - windows, toilets, dusting, hoovering, shower - not necessarily the most exciting thing but life skills we all need to learn - could use a treat as a bargaining tool eg 20 mins cleaning = 20 mins computer game time!

Useful Websites Where You Can Find Resources to Help With Home-learning

There are so many resources out their on-line that can explain learning and inspire children - almost too many. Here are some that we would recommend:


For those of you who love music and are keen to do some more, here are some extra task resources from Hampshire Music Service which you might like to explore. The powerpoints also contain links to follow to other resources. 

Gustav Holst 'The Planets'

Edvard Greig 'In The Hall of The Mountain King'

The BBC have also produced some weekly challenges aspart of the '10 Pieces' website. Children will remember some of the 10 pieces video clips we have watched in assemblies. There are ideas of things to create and do as well as interesting clips to watch and learn more about music:

For more Music Ideas, see our Music Home-Learning Page: