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Thursday 21st January

Good morning Class 2!


Good morning Class 2! I hope you had a good Wednesday. It was very wet and windy wasn't it. Did you manage to get outside at all? Hopefully today will be a nicer day.


This afternoon you will be needing your paper for our Science lesson. I'm looking forward to seeing how you all get on!


Have a good Thursday!


Love Mrs Pilgrim x


Yesterday, we read Anthony Browne's version of Hansel and Gretel, up until the part where the children are lost in the forest. Today we are going to look at a different version of Hansel and Gretel. Click on the Power Point below and go through the slides, reading the story. Stop when you get to the part of the story where Hansel and Gretel are lost in the woods (slide 14). 

Year 1:

Today we are going to try and answer the following question: When Hansel and Gretel were alone in the forest, how did they feel?

You can either write your answer to this question on a piece of paper or a whiteboard or print off the document below.

Year 2:

Yesterday you answered some questions about the story of Hansel and Gretel. One of the question was: When Hansel and Gretel were alone in the forest, how did they feel? Read your answer to that question. Would you feel the same as Hansel and Gretel? Today we are going to think about the following question: How would you feel if you were left in the forest? I would like you to write at least three sentences to answer this question. Think about how you would feel. Would you be scared? What would you be frightened of? How would you get out of the situation?

You could write on some paper at home or print out the document below to write on.



Today we are looking at the 10 times table. Practise saying it out loud.

1 x 10 = 10

2 x 10 = 20

3 x 10 = 30

4 x 10 = 40

5 x 10 = 50

6 x 10 = 60

7 x 10 = 70

8 x 10 = 80

9 x 10 = 90

10 x 10 = 100

11 x 10 = 110

12 x 10 = 120


Can you spot anything special about the 10 times table?


Have you seen this symbol before in Maths?




What does it mean?


It means multiply, times, lots of, groups of. So in the number sentence 4 x 2, this means that there are 4 groups of or lots of 2 like this:



I circled the groups/lots of 2 so you could see this clearly.


Year 1:


Watch my video so you can see what you will be doing today. Then I would like you to choose a multiplication number sentence and make it using objects from home. Take a photo and then try another one. See if you can do at least 4 today.

Year 2:


Watch the video below.

Choose a sentence from the adding groups document below and write it down.

Make it using objects from home if you need to.

Draw a picture to show the sentence.

Write the repeated addition number sentence.

Write the multiplication number sentence.


Have a look at my example below.


Year 1:

This week, we have learnt that the letter 'y' can make a 'igh' or a 'ee' sound when it is at the end of words like 'fly' and 'happy'. Today we are going to learn that the letter 'y' can sometimes make a 'i' sound in words such as 'gym'. Click on the link below for your phonics lesson:

Year 2:

This week, we are learning about verbs. We are learning that verbs can be present tense or past tense. Yesterday, we started a BBC lesson all about verbs. You should have completed Activity 1 and 2 yesterday. Start today by watching the video at the top of the page again.  Then, I would like you to do Activity 3. 



Last term we learned a lot about different materials and their properties. We learned that fabric is soft and that metal is hard and strong. We learned lots of other facts about materials.


You became toy designers last term and designed and made toys for Patch the Elf. A toy company who make toy cars have been in touch with us and they would like you to use your knowledge of materials to design and make a bridge for a toy car. They would like you to use paper for your bridge. You will need to think carefully about the type of paper you choose but also the folding and shapes you make with the paper that will make it stronger. Draw your design on paper first and then start to build your bridge. Try not to use too much tape for your bridge. It can be used for sticking pieces together but not wrapped around and around large sections of the bridge.


Watch this video and look at these paper bridges for some inspiration. Good luck! Send us pictures of your finished bridges! 



This week we will look at the second song from Jack and the Beanstalk. It is called Jack Went to Market. Watch Mrs Miller again to learn the words and actions.



Jack went to market song

On the Class 2 Remote Learning home page, there is now a folder called Jack and the Beanstalk Songs.

Mrs Miller has added her videos and the backing tracks so that you can practise the different songs when you feel like it.

Story time with Mrs Pilgrim

This week Mrs Pilgrim is reading a story called The Leaf Thief. Make sure you're sitting somewhere comfy while you listen. Click on the video below.