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Friday 15th May

Good morning and happy Friday Class Four!

Can you believe there is only one more week of home learning before half term? Even though we've been in lockdown, this half term seems to have flown by.

Yesterday I had a day off from DIY and painting. I spent most of the day planning your home learning for next week. In the afternoon, I had a message on my phone to say that I had a volunteer job to do via the NHS community volunteer app. It's the first one I've had even though I signed up to volunteer at the start of lockdown. I had to ring an older lady who was isolating and then went to pick her prescription up from the pharmacy and left it on her doorstep. She was very thankful and I felt good for helping someone out.

Flash is really enjoying the fact he can now go for 2 walks a day (although it means he sleeps even more during the day now!). Fred doesn't care because he's a cat and thinks he can do whatever he wants regardless of what the government says. He jumped in to next door's kitchen through the window again yesterday - he clearly hasn't listened to the guidance that we aren't allowed in other people's houses yet wink maybe he will get a fine!!!

I hope you have a great day and enjoy your learning. Remember that if you haven't emailed yet this week, please do this today and send me your Greek myth and one piece of your topic work from the week. Or of course you can send me more if you want to as I love looking at your work.

Love Miss Olver x

Here is a message from Mrs Soley:

Hello class 4,

It’s nearly the weekend, how does this keep happening?  I hope you’ve enjoyed your learning this week, I must be getting into the Greek topic as I made an omelette for lunch yesterday with Greek feta cheese and very yummy it was too. 

I hope you all enjoyed having a go at making a Greek theatre.  I think it has been the trickiest art activity so far, it certainly gave me and Mr Soley something to think about when we were constructing it last weekend.  As I said, keep it safe until next week when we will be making something to go with it for which you will need to keep your empty toilet roll tubes. 

I hope you enjoy making today’s recipe, Greek meatballs.  I had them for my dinner on Wednesday and made a rich tomato sauce to go with them.  We thoroughly enjoyed them and I think I might change my usual meatball recipe to this one as it was so good.  I’m hoping you enjoy making them and serving them to your family – watch their faces as they tuck in. 

For next week’s cooking you will need:

Greek style yogurt, 1 cucumber, lemon juice (either a Jif lemon or a fresh one), garlic, extra virgin olive oil and paprika or your favourite spice.

Obviously, the flatbreads, meatballs and tzatziki would all go together if you wanted to create your own Greek meal.  We have eaten all the flatbreads I made but still have meatballs and pitta bread in the freezer so I think we might be having that with our dip next week. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend with your families now that we can get outside more.  Mr Soley and I are planning a nice long walk on Saturday, just hope the sun is shining.  Enjoy your last day of the week and I’ll catch up again on Monday.

Best wishes.

Mrs Soley xx

Joe keeps sneakily upping the amount of time we are spending working in these workouts and shortening the rest period. I'm not sure if he thinks we won't notice, but I definitely have! My poor abs yesterday, that was hard work. I wonder what he will be wearing for this week's fancy dress Friday?


It is Friday today, which means problem solving day! Below are a set of Greek-myth-themed worded problems I have written which cover a range of Maths skills. Read through the questions really carefully. Think about which strategy you should use and how many steps are involved. Remember - worded problems ALWAYS need a worded answer!


Remember to make an entry into your diary/journal at some point today.


Mrs Soley has planned a Greek cooking session for you today – it looks delicious! If you are able to get the ingredients, then we really hope you enjoy cooking this meal. If not, cook something that you do have the ingredients for at home. You could even offer to cook dinner tonight for your family. We just want you to keep practising those cooking skills!


Sports Dave has put up a new skills video and some more weekly challenges on his page – work through these today.

To get to his page - go to the News section of the school website and then click on the Sport and Keeping Active Home Learning page.

Spellings and Reading

Today is Friday, which means it is spelling test day! As always you have two choices:

  1. Watch the video of me reading the spelling sentences for your test. Remember that you can pause it and replay it as many times as you like.
  2. Ask an adult to read the sentences aloud for you as you write them down.

If an adult is free, then you could ask them if they would very kindly mark your sentences for you. If not, then use the document below to mark them yourself. Good luck!

Also remember to do some independent reading of a book of your choice.

Spelling Test 15th May