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Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Morning morning morning,

I hope we are all looking forward to another sunny day.  The pool is filling up in the garden here, so it will be interesting to see my daughter's face if she actually goes in it!!  It was a bit windy yesterday and I think it would have felt a little chilly.  Doesn't look windy today though. I planted lots more seeds yesterday including carrots, parsnips, sprouts, curly kale and brocolli.  I'm also potting on many of my seedlings that I planted a few weeks ago into bigger pots so that they can grow better.  I wonder how many of you are growing seeds at home.  There are more pictures in the gallery today so take a look.  Enjoy the sun.

Letters and Sounds

Sing some of the phase 3 sound Jolly Phonics songs.

Look at the "ow" digraph - sound out and then write cow.

Look at the "ur" digraph from yesterday - sound out and then write church.

Can you remember how to write come and some?  - look at the word if you need to first and then write both words.

Today we are going to be concentrating on the er sound spelt with an er spelling.  Watch the video below which has a lot of er spellings in it.

Now have a go at the reading and writing activities with the 'er' sound using the powerpoint below.  Make sure you select the run slide show button to access it properly at the bottom of the screen.
If you want to practise your phonics with a teacher, click on the link to the Read Write Inc lessons.  Today the set 1 sound is "u" and the set 2 digraph is "ay". 

Number Time

Watch the Oak Academy Day 2 maths video all about identifying 1 less.  Then have a go at day 3 activities for Supertato maths.



Watch Day 2 of the lambing diaries.  Talk with your adult and see if you can answer the following questions - you could always watch the video again to find out the answers.

What is the big milk machine used for?

Why do some lambs have to go in the pet pen?

Why is there a heat lamp in the pet pen?

Can you remember the special name the farmer used for a female/girl/mummy sheep?

How can a farmer help a lamb whose mummy doesn't have enough milk to feed it when it is first born?

Why does the farmer drive around the fields during lambing time?

Carefully count the different farm animals in each section and stick/write the correct number next to it.  If you want to count with numbers up to 10, use the circle counting sheet.  If you want to count with numbers up to 20, use the second sheet where the animals stand in lines. Be careful as you count the larger amounts - you could mark them with a pencil as you count so you don't make mistakes.  Happy counting!