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Good morning Class 3

Hello everyone, 

I hope you are enjoying the sunshine. It will be a real shock if we have a rainy day!! 

Yesterday evening, all the teachers had a second virtual staff meeting which is very strange. I have not seen Miss Olver and Mrs Mason since the start of the school partial closure. We have a lot to talk about and plan because the government has decided that some of the children in Year R, Year 1 and Year 6 may be returning to school after half term. 


I think I told you a while ago that there were a pair of sparrows nesting in the guttering at the side of our roof. Everyday I watch them fly back and forth. I am pretty sure there must be chicks in the nest now as I think I have seen them taking food and if I listen carefully, I think I can hear a cheeping sound. The parent birds get very upset when Bosun or Skipper are in the garden and sit in the trees cheeping angrily. Elliot got some nice pictures of one of them.


I hope you enjoy making the hummus and pitta bread today if you were able to get the ingredients. When we made the recipes in school a couple of years ago, I remember how tasty they were. I was feeling creative so I made a pavlova for pudding last night. It was delicious! 


Have a good day


Love from Mrs Bird x 




Message from Mrs Lambert 


Hi Class 3! 🙋‍♀️
Good morning. Yesterday I was in school with Miss Renno, we had a lovely day and spent a lot of time outside as it was so sunny. I spent some time getting your RE ready for Thursday and carried on cleaning your LearnIts and BeatThat sheets. I’ve nearly finished cleaning all the laminated sheets we use in Class 3. I’ve done a bit each time I’ve been in school. 
🧩 Puzzle update - I didn’t get much done yesterday as I was at school, so will carry on today and see how I get on. So far the water has been really tricky - it all looks the same! 
Have a great day! ☀️
Love from Mrs Lambert x