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Wednesday 10th June


Start by doing your board calculations below. Remember to mark your work when you have finished.

Year 3

Can I Draw 2-D shapes?

Work through this lesson starting with the quiz, watching the video and completing the slides. There is a challenge in Part C you can do if you would like to. Finish with the recap quiz at the end.


Year 4

Can I solve problems in the context of weight?


Work through the quiz and video with the questions on the slides. You will need to use your knowledge of decimals from earlier in the term. If you would like a challenge there is another sheet saved below.


Can I write a persuasive rap or letter ?

Today you need to do your written task which you planned in yesterday's lesson. You need to get this plan now in order to do this task successfully. If you are doing the rap from the National Oak lesson, you could watch some of the video again. If you are doing the letter or leaflet about the journey to school, you could look at the Powerpoint from yesterday's lesson.


So either:

Write a rap about protecting the environment




Write a short letter or leaflet about making journeys to school safer.


Success criteria:

Use persuasive language.

Use modal and imperative verbs

Rhetorical questions


If you are writing a rap:

Use some rhyming words.


If you are writing a letter or leaflet:

Varied sentence openers.




Can I draw using colour?


Read through the information in the Powerpoint saved below. 

Then chose one of the part pictures of an insect in the document.


You will need to print out the picture you would like to use. Stick this onto a plain page.

Use a pencil to draw the rest of the insect you have chosen.

Use any  art materials to add colour to your work, so coloured pencil, paint or felt tips.

Times tables

Spend some time practising your times tables. Play some games on or any other game on the computer. You can also use your flash cards and/ or your Numberlink board to practise. 


Finish by doing either the Speed Test on if you are working through your times tables and select all the times tables you have learnt so far


Or if you are on all mixed times tables or further, do the multiplication tables check on