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Thursday 18th June 2020

Good morning everyone,

It's looking a bit glum and miserable outside.  I had a little energy surge this morning.  I woke up at 5.00 am and thought "I know what I'll do, I'll do a bit of Joe Wicks as I couldn't join in yesterday!".  I won't be doing it again!!  Joe and I worked through all the exercises together and Joe looked invigorated by it all at the end and I felt a bit pooped and went back to bed!   However, I've arrived safe and sound at school and ready and raring to go again.  Let's hope the rain stops a little later and we can venture out again and maybe see some slugs, snails and worms.  We shall be looking at school for the worms that we released from our wormery yesterday.  Fingers crossed for a dry afternoon.

Letters and Sounds

Practise your sounds using the powerpoint below.


Play Little Bird Speller on Ict Games to practise reading and writing your tricky words.  Select Year 1 and try the first or second house.
We are continuing with our letter formation practise.  Today we are concentrating on s and f, both quite tricky so lots of concentration today.  Make sure the s sits on the line but the tail of the f goes below the line.  Remember to put a smiley next to the best one on each line.  It's page 4 of the link below.
Now have a game of caption clips.   This is all about writing a sentence but alongside the computer as a support.  Start with Phase 2 phrases/sentences so you've got a good chance of getting everything right. Five minutes will be enough time to spend on this.  
Time to write page 3 of your butterfly life cycle information book.  Look at your previous two pages and decide what stage 3 of the life cycle is.  Decide what your next sentence will be, practise saying it a few times with your adult, look at which words you can copy from your butterfly word mat and then have a go at writing the sentence one word at a time, sounding out each word as you go.  Your adult can sound out the words with you and listening to your adult sounding out could help you with some of the those sounds that are tricky to hear.  Draw a picture of stage 3 of the butterfly life cycle  underneath when your sentence is done. 

If you would like to practise phonics with a teacher, choose one of the sites below.

Number Time

Watch Thursday's Oak Academy maths video.  Today it is all about exploring subtraction as taking away.

Now have a go at the Mirror Belle Day 4 maths activities.  Today it is all about making a number track out of toilet role and measuring with toilet role!

Minibeast Activities

We are going to carry on thinking about spiders today. Take a look at the spider information powerpoint to find out a few more things about spiders.

We have another Minibeast Adventure clip where Jess finds out about harvestman spiders - they are not quite the same spiders.  See if you can learn how they are different.
Below is a video which shows you how to make a moving spider out of paper - why don't you give it a go.