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Friday 29th January 2021


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Letters and Sounds

Start off by watching Alphablocks - igh.

Letters and Sounds

Practise saying your sounds, reading tricky words and recap reading by sounding out words and blending words with y, z and qu in by clicking the link below.


Let's practise reading and writing the tricky word 'the' with Tricky Tracy - sing along!

Now let's use some of those tricky words to read and write a phrase.  Click on the link below to get to the ICTgames website and the game Writing Runway.

Click on "Type my own" and type the phrase "go to the shop" and press "ok".  Ask your child to read the sentence to you in the cockpit of the plane, giving as much help as you need to.  Then press the green word "hide" and the words should then appear on the instrument section of the plane's dash board.  Can your child then choose and copy each word in the right order to write the phrase "go to the shop", remind to leave finger spaces.  Once they have written their sentence, they can click on the words in the right order and then press "check" and see what happens.  

Number Time
The number time lesson today is based around the story "Kipper's Toybox" so why not listen to the story first - click on the link below.

Kippers Toy Box

This is a children's picture book story Read Aloud by Caroline Finch. Suitable for ages 3-8 years old - or any age really. Story by Mick Inkpen

Click on the link below to watch the next video (session 5) in the theme Growing 6,7,8.  Here you are going to have to look and think very carefully to see which toys are taken away from a group and also to calculate one more and one less of the group of toys.  When you have a go at doing the activity with your own toys, have a go at making the amount on a tens frame and then adding one more to calculate or taking one away to calculate.  You can also use your fingers too by putting fingers up and down.  If you want a challenge, try finding out two or three more or less of different amounts of toys.  The words 'more' and 'less' are our language focus today.  

11.00 - 11.30 am

PE lesson with Southampton Football Club.  A link will have been emailed to you to join.

What is the weather like today?  Don't forget to fill in your weather chart.

Story Telling - Bat Learns to Dance

First you are going to count and clap how many syllables you can hear in different words and then it is time to tell the new story that you have created over the last 4 days.  First practise it with Adam and then maybe sit your family down and tell them the story - I hope you enjoy being a story teller.

1.30 pm - Celebration Assembly

The Big Garden Bird Watch

So it is time to either get outside in your garden and to position yourself comfortably (with some binoculars if you have a pair), or sit at a window of your home, be absolutely silent, have your bird identification list with you and wait and see what birds visit your gardens.  You need to record the highest number of one type of bird that you see in one sighting.  If you would like to submit your results to the RSPB, follow the link below to find out what to do.  Have fun everyone.

Instead of reading bug club today, practise reading the phase 2 high frequency words on PhonicsPlay Tricky Word Trucks.  Have a go at the Phase 2 All HFW (high frequency words).  There are quite a lot of them.  If your child is only coping with reading 2 lettered words, you can read all the 3 lettered words for them and encourage them to sound out the two letter words.  Before Christmas all the children were making 2 lettered words with flash cards and most could read some 2 lettered words so lots of encouragement to get them to try.  Choosing the colour and type of truck might be just what you need to get going.

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