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Monday 6th April 2020

Good morning everybody, I hope you enjoyed the weekend in the sun. 


I've been feeling really good about joining in with Joe Wicks every morning and have found it a little easier every day, so when I saw Mr Motivator was on the TV doing some exercises in his gold suit, I thought I'd join in too.  I'm not sure what I did wrong but I now have a twinge in my back which wasn't there before - I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will get back to normal soon.  Even though we are in the Easter holidays, Joe Wicks is continuing his PE lessons throughout so you can still have that active start to your day if you wish.


Did any of you try Mr Woolley's second lego challenge?  It looked a bit tricky to me (create a vehicle mash-up) but I expect there are quite a few of you who could give it a go.  If you do, send your photos into Mr Woolley on his email and they will be displayed on the lego page - check out the week 1 lego pictures - can you spot someone in our class holding his tiger model?


Thank you to all those children who have emailed over the weekend with what they have been up to.  It's great to see what you've been doing and I must say that everyone seems to have a smile on their face.  I will keep updating our Class 1 gallery with different photos as they come in.


 I have spent so much of the weekend in the garden or the greenhouse either gardening or planting seeds and have so many seeds germinating now, which I love checking each day to see how they are changing.    So today's give it a go activity is all about planting seeds.  Now I know not everybody will have a packet of cress seeds hanging around the house, but if you do, give the cross or the cress heads a go.  They don't take long but would be great to see evolve.  You could also just plant a seed(s) of any type and watch what happens. If seeds are not your thing, there are some Easter egg colouring sheets to have a go at if you like and don't forget you could always colour or paint a rainbow.  Remember these are only suggestions, they are there if you want them.

Grow a Cress Cross in Holy Week

Use a cross-shaped cookie cutter (or make a cross template from card) & place on some wet kitchen paper. Sprinkle over some cress seeds & watch how the seeds transform over the next few days. By Easter Day you should have a green Cress Cross, & a reminder of the new life that Jesus brings. 

Egg cress heads

A fun and simple activity to enjoy over the Easter holidays. Kids will love decorating their eggs and watching the cress grow, perfect for egg and cress sandwiches! Help boost communication skills by talking to your child about how they plan to design their egg and checking on it each day as the cress grows.

You’ll need:
2 eggs
2 cotton wool balls
2 tbsp cress seeds
2 egg cups / empty egg carton
Felt tip pens

1) Crack the top of each egg and pour out the inside
2) Wash the empty shell with cold water and leave it to dry
3) Wet the cotton wool and put a piece inside each egg
4) Put the eggs in a egg cup / egg carton and sprinkle the cress seeds inside each egg
5) Decorate the outside of the egg with felt tip pens

Easter egg colouring sheets