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Thursday 30th September



Today you are going to do the middle of your story maps (going up to and including where the cat helps pull). Don't forget to add useful labels to help you remember the story.


Have a look at mine below.


Year 1

Today we are going to learn to use a number line. You will need a 0-20 number line to help you today. If you have one at home, you can use that one. If not, print out the one below:

Have a go at the warm up activity below. It will help you to think about the order of the numbers on a number line. When you have finished, you can have a look at my answer sheet. How did you get on?

Now have a go at the number line activity sheet below. Fill in the numbers to complete each number line. Be careful, not all of the number lines start at 0. Take care to make sure each numeral is formed correctly!

Challenge: Can you make your own 0-20 number line?

Year 2

We have been comparing numbers using the symbols < > =. Today we are going to be ordering objects and numbers using the language smallest, greatest, most, least. Click on the Power Point below and work through the slides. Then have a go at the worksheet. I would like you to complete the first page of the sheet today. If you feel confident, you can continue and complete the second page too.



Year 1

Click on the Power Point below and practice reading our tricky words:

Today we are going to practice the digraph 'qu' as in the word 'quiz'. Click on the Power Point below to practice reading some 'qu' words:

Now have a go at building some 'qu' words with the activity below:

Year 2

Yesterday we practised writing sentences. What do we know about sentences? They have to make sense on their own and they should have a capital letter and full stop. Today I would like you to continue with the sheet you started yesterday (part 2). I have attached a copy below in case you missed it yesterday:

If you would like some more practice, have a go at one or two of the activities on the Power Point below:



This week in RE I would like you to read the Creation story again. I would then like you to have a go at retelling the story in pictures with a short sentence for each picture, using the document below. Remember to colour in your pictures at the end.