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Tuesday 7th July

Good Morning!

What did you do yesterday and over the weekend? I hope you managed to spend some time outside. If you are starting to find home school a bit hard work, plan some time to go out on an adventure. You could go for a nature walk, a bike ride, a bug hunt, build a den in the woods or even to the park now that they are open again! Don't forget to send us an email so we can see all of the lovely things you are getting up to.

Love Mrs Sothcott x



Today you need to edit your Hunters in the Snow story.


Year 1 – have you included lots of different and exciting adjectives to describe the feelings of the characters? 

Year 2 – have you included lots of different and exciting adjectives to describe the feelings of the characters and also some exciting verbs and adverbs?


Please check you have used your phonics to help with your spelling and make sure you have got capital letters and full stops.



Year 1:

You will need to use some coins for today's maths lesson. If you do not have any, you can click on the coin sheet below to help you remember all of the different coins and how much they are worth.

Your maths activity today is to count out the correct coins to make different amounts. If you are using real coins to help you, you could draw around the coins and label them to complete the table.

Year 2:

Reading and Computing


Are you finding time to read every day? I would like you to spend some time reading this afternoon. Find somewhere comfy and quiet and choose a book to read. You might like to read one of your bug club books or choose a book from home. It could be fiction or non-fiction. Spend at least 20 minutes reading.


When you have read for at least 20 minutes, I would like you to think of three sentences telling me about your book. You could tell me what your favourite character is called or what your story is about. You could tell me what you think will happen next in your story. If you are reading a non-fiction book, you could tell me some facts that you found out.

I would like you to have a go at typing these three sentences on a computer. Typing on a computer can be tricky as the letters on the keyboard are in capitals and it can be hard to find the letters you need. You might need to persevere! 


Extra Challenge:

Could you add a title at the top of the page?

Could you change the font style and size?


I would love to see your typing so please do email me your sentences! Good luck!