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Tuesday 30th June


Start the lesson by practising your times tables. Then do your first test of the week. I know many of you are doing brilliantly with your times tables. WELL DONE!



Year 3

Can I recognise 2-D shapes ?

Click on the link below and watch the video for Week 10 Lesson 2 called Recognise 2-D shapes


The worksheets, answers and extra challenge questions are saved below.

Year 4

Can I answers questions from graphs ?

Click on the link below and watch the video for Week 10 Lesson 2 called comparison sum and difference


The worksheets, answers and extra challenge questions are saved below.


Can I describe a picture using detail to interest the reader?



again and listen to The Little Story That Didn’t Want To Be Told.

  • What part of Wilf Merttens’ telling do you particularly like and why?


Think about the photo of the Red Gold Dragon’s tree that the mouse takes in the story.


Your first task is to draw a picture to show what you think the photograph would have looked like.

Next use really exciting vocabulary to describe in detail everything that is in the picture. Aim to use a range conjunctions to link together ideas in your sentences. Look on the sheet below for a list of conjunctions to help you.


The Little Story was not very confident about being a good-enough story to be told out loud. What suggestions could you give for telling a good story?

  • Write down your suggestions on How to be a Good Storyteller.
  • When you think you have finished, read the Storytelling Advice.
  • Add any missing good ideas to your own list.
  • Tell a story you know to your family using your advice list to help you.



Apart from the Red Gold Dragon, which other animals might have queued up to get advice from the Cat?

On the worksheet called Animal Problems, draw and list some animals, say what their problems might have been and suggest what the wise Cat might have said to each of them.



Can I spell words with spelling gu and gue ?

Please work through the Powerpoint presentation below.


Can I identify ways living things are adapted to their habitat ?

Click on the link below to get to the video for today's lesson. You do not need to do the quiz at the beginning because it is about a complete different topic. The task is explained clearly in the video which is to design a habitat and an animal which is adapted to live in this habitat. Do this task in your topic book.




Go to Dance mat typing

You should be on Level 4 Stage 10 letters x, z and the ' symbol