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Tuesday 2nd June


Start the lesson by practising your times tables. Then do your first times tables test of the week. Good luck!


Year 3

Can I identify perpendicular lines?


Work through the quiz and the video at the website below. There are questions to answer on the accompanying slides. You can print these questions or just answer them in your maths books, whichever is easiest for you.


There are some extra questions saved below if you want an extra challenge.

Year 4

Go to the website below and work through the video. Do the recap quiz first.

You do not have to do the activities on Slides 1 (times tables) and 2 (decimals) unless you want to.

Complete the tables on Slides 3 and 4. Finish by doing the recap quiz at the end.


There are some extra challenge questions saved below.


Spelling task

Can I spell words with k sound spelt ch?


Write your own sentences using these words:








Challenge - use other words with ch as a k sound to write some more sentences.



Can I ask questions and give opinions ?

Choose one of the pictures from the document below or revisit the website from yesterday's lesson:


The instructions for the task are saved in the document below.


Can I identify the life processes of all living things?

Start by writing down your ideas about what all living things have in common. Remember living things can be plants or animals.


Watch the clip saved below:


Then read through the Powerpoint saved below which will explain about the 7 things that all living things have in common.


Task. Make a poster to explain the 7 life processes of living things.

Use the MRS NERG letters to help you. 


Continue to practise touch typing. Your next lesson is Level 2 Stage 6, letters p and q