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Monday April 27th


Start the lesson by practising your times tables. Fill in your Numberlink board. Rub out any answers you find tricky. Fill them in again. Rub out your answers and see how quickly you can fill them in. Remember to do them in the order we learnt at school: 1x 10x 5x then derive answers from these facts.


Year 3

Can I order fractions?

Watch the video    Summer Week 1 Lesson 4 

Then do the worksheet saved below. This lesson covers more than we did in class last term so just get as far as you can. Question 7 is quite challenging ! Don't worry if you do not complete the whole worksheet.

Mark your work when you have finished and see if you can do any corrections.


Year 4

Can  I compare decimals?

Watch the video      Summer Week 1 Lesson 3

Then do the worksheet saved below. Do as much as you can on the worksheet, if you only do page 1 that's fine. Please remember that the work on decimals is new to you Year 4. I hope it is going well, but if you are finding some of it difficult, please don't worry. You will cover this topic again in Year 5 so, as always, just do your best.

There is an extra challenge if you want to do it.  When you have finished please mark your work and see if you can do any corrections.


Spelling task

Can I spell words ending in the suffix ous?

Use the words on the picture below. Find matching pairs. Write the pairs in your book for example;

space   spacious


Start thinking about the rule for adding -ous. Can you work out when the root word changes?

We will look at these words again later in the week.


Can I understand the meaning of words in context?

Today you are going to read an information text about the River Nile which is saved below. As you read the text, think about any words you don't understand. Can you work out the meaning of those words? Think about the strategies you have learnt Is there a root word?

Read the whole sentence again, what would make sense?


I have written a list of words from the text below. I would like you to write the meaning of each of these words in your book. If you need to look up the meaning of some of the words, use a dictionary if you have one, if not I have included a link to an online dictionary (use intermediate setting)





traded (trade)  verb

invaded (invade)


relied (rely)





Can I find out about life in Ancient Egypt?

Start by watching the bbc bitesize clip by clicking on the link:


Then look at the slides with pictures showing life in Ancient Egypt. What do you think is happening in each picture?


Choose 1 or 2 pictures to look at more carefully. If you can print them out, you could stick them in your book.

For each picture, describe what you can see. How is it different to life today? Are there any similarities? Write 1 or 2 questions for each one.

If you have time, you could try to find out the answers to your questions.




Can I understand the importance of teamwork?


Follow the link to the BBC bitesize webpage


Watch the first Supermovers clip and join in with the song and dance if you want to.


Then watch the next video clip. Think about how a team can work together. What role would you play in the team?


Watch the final video clip. What problems can happen when people try to work in a team? How could these problems be sorted out? How would you fit into the team?


Finally fill in the worksheet below to celebrate your amazing qualities.