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Thursday 16th July 2020

Good morning Class 1

A little cloudy today but hopefully it will stay dry.   The classroom at school has started to change over the past few days as we have stripped the walls again and put lovely new bright coloured backing paper up everywhere in readiness for September.  It's feeling a little strange as we are all feeling happy that it is nearly the holiday time but also sad as we only have a couple of days left being in Class 1.  I wonder how you are all feeling at home?  If you didn't get a chance to join in with the transition activities last Thursday, do go to the Transition Day tab in the News tab on the school website and click on the Mrs Pilgrim and Mrs Sothcott star so you can watch 4 videos from each of the 4 staff who will work with you in Year 1 next year and see what they are like. (you will need the password that Mr Woolley sent you log in).

Have a nice day.

Letters and Sounds

Practise writing the letter j on the handwriting sheet below (p8).  Then see if you can write the sentence - Jim likes to jog.

Use Phonics Pop on ICT Games to practise recognising 3 digraphs which you still find a little tricky.
Play the "Help a Hedgehog" game - choose the phase that you need to practise.  Phase 2 concentrates on reading 3 lettered words, phase 3 uses words with digraphs as well  or just ch, sh, th and ng, and phase 3 ccvc or cvcc words has initial and final blends before or after the vowel, such as st, cr, sp etc.
Listen to the Foggy Foggy Forest book below.

At school today, we are going to make our own Foggy Foggy Forest class book.  Each child is going to make a question and answer page each.  If you'd like to join in too, send over your page when you have finished it.  So first you need to find a picture in a book that you would like to be in the foggy foggy forest.  Choose a picture which has a good outline.  Then trace over the main outline of the picture and colour it in a dark colour. Remember to draw a couple of dark silhouettes of trees too so it looks like it is in the foggy foggy forest.   Underneath, draw some lines and write the question "What could this be in the foggy foggy forest?".  Then on the next page, you need a photo of the page from the book and write what it is "It is a .......  " For the second page see if you can write the whole sentence yourself without copying.  Your adult can help you sound each word and then use your sound mat to help you write each sound down.  Have fun in the fog!

Number Time

Now have a go at the How Many Legs day 4 maths activities.  Today it is about subtracting different amounts of legs!

Season Activity

Watch the Oak Academy video and have a happy time making your own summer crown.