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Today's home learning


Start by practising your times tables. Then maybe you could ask somebody to test you using your flashcards.

I hope you are enjoying the lessons using the videos. I think they are very helpful!

Year 4

Can I represent decimals on a numberline?


Watch the video for Lesson 4 on the webpage

Then complete the worksheet which goes with the lesson. Do as much as you can again. Then mark your work using the answer sheets.

Year 3

Can I represent amounts of money in £ and p?


Talk to an adult about all the different values of coins and notes there are. If you are allowed to (please ask!) maybe you could count how much money is in Mum or Dad's purse or wallet!

Then complete the worksheet attached below.


Spelling task - Can I spell words with the prefix in?


Complete the task in your spelling pack (p29 Two uses of in) If you don't have a dictionary, use the online dictionary

Challenge:   Write your own sentences using some of the words with the prefix in-


Writing task - Can I plan a letter about my week at home?


I hope you have enjoyed reading my messages to you each day. Tomorrow, it's your turn! I would like you to write a letter to me to tell me all about your week . I'd like to hear how you're getting on with he learning tasks and also the other things you are doing at home. If you want to include a picture too, that would be lovely.

Today, please could you plan out each part of the letter. Make notes about what you've done each day. Little details are always interesting. No need to write the letter yet! That will be tomorrow's task.



Can I understand the meaning of 'Good' in Good Friday?


Watch the powerpoint for Good Friday.


Before Jesus came, people used a priest to talk to God. Throughout Jesus' life, He spent a lot of time talking to God the Father, praying to Him and talking to people about Him.


Jesus had an amazing relationship with God. Christians are always trying to have as close a relationship with God as Jesus had.


Jesus always knew that He was to become God's sacrifice. He knew He was going to die on the cross because the prophets had foretold it. He knew it would be a bad death and He was scared.


After Jesus was arrested, he was whipped and beaten. He was sent to the Roman Leader Pontius Pilate to go on trial. Pilate let the people decide His fate. Everyone turned against Jesus, and when they were asked whether He should be released or die, the people chose to crucify Him, even though He hadn't done anything wrong.


Christians believe the 'good news' is that this was all part of God's big plan to save all people, who are sorry for sinning and love Jesus, from death forever. 


Although Jesus was scared, He knew it would be for everyone's good. He had to die and take on everyone's sin so that people can be free to have a relationship with God Himself. Because of Jesus' sacrifice, Christians believe that people can pray to God directly and He can talk to us directly.


If you can, print out the crown of thorns below. In the crown, write about why you think Christians think that Good Friday is 'good'. The title is: Can I understand why Christians believe that Good Friday is Good?

After, you can colour in the crown. Take a photo and send it in! smiley


I planned for you to watch the video clip recorded of our class playing the Samba drums last week in Listen to Me. However the technology has let me down so far and the computer said no crying ! The file was too large to upload. I am hoping I can get some technical help with this soon then I will post it.

Instead I have put the pictures there for you to look at.

Talk about the different types of drums. Can you name each one?

Perhaps you could find a samba music performance on the internet to listen to.


Samba drumming