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Wednesday 3rd June


Start the lesson by doing the board calculations below.

Year 3

Can I  identify vertical and horizontal lines? Can I draw perpendicular lines?


Work through the recap quiz, the lesson and  accompanying slides. There is a recap quiz at the end.


In the word 


Which letters have no perpendicular lines?

Which letters have 1 pair of perpendicular lines?

Which letters have more than 1 pair of perpendicular lines?

Year 4

Can I solve problems involving money?

Work through the quiz, the video and accompanying questions on the slides. There is a recap quiz at the end as well.


There are some extra challenge questions saved below.


Can I use apostrophes for possession?


Watch the video to revise work we have already done earlier this year on using apostrophes for possession. There are some tricky rules to remember. Read the information on the page to help you understand this.


Work through as many of the activities on the page as you can spending about 20-30 minutes on this.



Can I describe a picture using ambitious vocabulary?


The task is described on the document below. 


Can I use observational skills to do a pencil drawing of an insect?


Start by looking at the pieces of artwork of insects by different artists. They are saved below. 

Next, answer the questions on the worksheet.

Now I would like you to look at the photographs of insects which are saved below. 

Select one of the photographs and look carefully at the insect. Think about the shape of each part of the insect. Insect's bodies are made up of 3 parts called the head, thorax and abdomen. Can you identify each part of the insect you are looking at?

Draw a careful picture of this insect using pencil only. 

Times tables

Practise your times tables using a game on the internet, or your times tables flash cards.